Never Dying

I've died more times than anyone on earth. I've been made fun of, underappreciated, and teased. If only they knew my name was Kol. If only I could tell the truth that I wasn't dead-- they'd appreciate me then, I bet. Or they might just kill me. Most likely kill me, yes. And that’s why I have to keep my name a secret. Until, at least, I can get revenge on him.

Chapter 1


I wasn’t alive in 2079 when Aeon landed on Jupiter. Aeon is a Fantasian—an alien race that look like giant humans with bug-like wings, long lizard-like tails, and dark red skin. Almost nothing is known about him or his kind. We do know that when he first landed on Jupiter, he thought it was just like him, raging and angry. No one knows why is like that. Nor why he needed rattlesnakes. In 2081 he discovered earth and stole all of them—yes, all of the rattlesnakes—from earth.
He tortured the humans with venom and Fantasian bombs. He took lava from volcanos, water from hot springs, and ash to make powder. And when it was lit on fire, it could destroy all of Australia. Trust when I say this—we would make them if we could, but it emits too much power.
The number of humans was dwindling away. Only a few survived his attacks. But out of nowhere, three children emerged from the rubble. Edge, Vena, and Ellana. Captain, Lieutenant, and Engineer. The genius children designed a spaceship based on old movies they had seen. Except better. It had EVEren Speed, a speed 80 times faster than light.
Ever since then, Aeon has been creating weapons, each one more powerful than the previous. But using the EVEsenz ship, we can stop him.
Adults don’t pilot these ships. Kids, and young as five pilot them. Using technology Aeon left behind from when he came to earth, a worldwide government can detect children who have power in them, just like Edge, Vena, and Ellana. After being tested, they are rated as Captain-The Guts and Glory, Lieutenant- Second in Charge, Engineer—“Nerd of the ship” or Unusable.
My name is Kol. And not only am I 12 years old, not only am I a Captain, but I the best captain that has ever lived. That wasn’t a title I chose. They say I’m better than even than the male captain, Edge.
This is my story. The story of my… Never Dying.

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