Trust Me BxB

Trust Me BxB

Aiden, not many people like him, but they don't dare mess with him. Why? Well simply because they know he wouldn't stand to take it. He's strong, openly gay, and not afraid to pick a fight with anyone who has something to say about it. Alex, on the other hand, is shy, friendless and a loner. He doesn't realize he's gay, and he wouldn't admit it if he was. He's too scared of what the populars would do. Can Aiden get Alex to trust him and show him how to love?

Chapter 1

Aiden Brim

-Aiden Brim-

Hi I’m Aiden, and I'm 16 years young. I’m not quite sure what I’m doing with my life but I'm sure I’ll figure it out somehow. I mean I won't be clueless forever right? Right now I attend Summersville High School and hating every second of it. Why? Well because its the worst possible environment to be in. Which isn't an understatement what so ever. Not to mention everyone hates me, or has something strongly against me. For some people its my style they don’t really like. I wear tight pants that have different colors or patterns on them. Band shirts with bands most of the people from my school have never heard of such as Pierce the Veil, Escape the Fate, or My Chemical Romance. Oh and also i like to wear my hair long and have my bangs that go over one eye. Talking about eyes, mine are probably my best visible feature. They are a greenish blue color but tend to change from blue to green. Im exactly 6’0 on a good day. Okay, so i lied I’m actually 5’10 pretty short if you ask me. But i’ve seen shorter. If people aren’t hating me for the style in which i partake in, they are probably hating me for my love choices. By that i pretty much mean my smexual orientation. To say the least i prefer the term Homosexual American, thank you very much. On the plus side they would never directly bully me or try to beat me up. Thats only because they know I could easily beat them in a fight. But anyways I guess thats all there really is to know about me, but I can assure you, won't be the last you hear of me love.

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