The Greenville Cover Up

A journalist goes looking for the story of a lifetime and gets a tip from his brother about where that story might be, now Miles and his ragtag group of friends must discover what went wrong with Greenville and why the military try so hard to keep people out.

Chapter 1

The Mystery Begins

I picked up the newspaper and read the headline,
Motocross superstar Chuck Greene mysteriously disappears after survivors of a terrorist attack are found safe inside a bunker,
I was beginning to think becoming a journalist was one of the worst decisions of my life, I had reported on nothing after months of looking for a story and my brother owned one of the most successful companies in the world, LFAS and had direct ties to the military, this did not help my ego, but it did give me a reasonably large income, my brother decided until I found a decent job he would pay me some of his income, I was not allowed to live off of this money though, as when I got my first pay day, he would withdraw half of the money, I was fine with this. Recently though, my brother got tired of waiting for my chance to come and has been pulling strings to bring that chance to me, this brings us to the current day, about an hour ago I had a meeting with my brother, he told me he'd just got off the phone with some high ranking generals in the military, apparently they told him to pull his workers out of Greenville and shut down all operations inside the city, he wouldn't tell me any more, but I knew what he was hinting at, find out whats wrong with Greenville.

I put down the newspaper and walked over to the phone, I pulled out a notebook with 4 names, I rang the first number,
"Hey Matt remember me?"
"Yeah Miles bro, whats up, its been ages man"
"Yeah, I don't think I've seen you since high school"
"Fun times, back to my first question, whats happening"
"Well you didn't call me after all this time for nothing"
"Your right, I just needed to make sure you were still as curious and serious as you used to be, I have the story of a lifetime man and your gonna be with me on it the whole time"
"Your sure man?"
"Yeah, I got the tip from my brother"
"You mean the big shot founder of LFAS?"
"The one and only"
"I'm in man! Where are we meeting?"
"Better question, who are we meeting?"
"I can't get anything past you Matt, we're meeting a few other friends, you might know some, others you might not know"
"This is gonna be great man, you mind if a bring a video camera, so I can record it for my YouTube channel?"
"Sure, that'd help get the story around, I'd love that"
Matt's voice suddenly sounded very serious,
"Where are we going Miles and why"
"Because the military has quarantined it and made the town all but invisible"
"Now why do you think they would do a thing like that?"
"Because they're hiding something that's either very important or very dangerous"
"Know that you realize this, are you still going to risk our lives for this opportunity?"
"If you want the high paying grade stories, it's a high stakes game till the end"
"Very high stakes and now that I know your not going to back down, I'm going to trust you with my life, you better not waste it"
"I won't Matt"
"I know, in the time that I knew you, you'd stand up for anybody and make sure everyone was OK no matter what, your a born leader"
"I'm not looking for a job in leadership"
"On this trip your going to get one"
"You seem to know more about my life than I do"
"I can see the future"
"Totes mi gotes bro"
"Yeah, sure you can"
"It's a fact and you know it"
"I almost forgot, we're meeting at Paramount Park"
"Why are we meeting at a park"
"Because every other place has a strict 'No Helicopters' rule"
"We get to ride a chopper?!?"
I hung up the phone and ticked Matt of the list, 1 down, 3 to go.

I checked my notebook again and picked a name, Jennifer Ritton, I heard she just broke up so I decided to take the careful approach,
"Hey Jennifer-"
"I told you to call me Jenny"
"But I think it sounds silly"
"So does your face"
"That makes no sense, look, I was just ringing to see if you wanted to come with me on a trip to a town quarantined by the military for unknown reasons with a few other guys"
"What? Just like that?"
"No, why are we going there?"
"To figure out what the military is hiding and why"
"If they're hiding it, don't you think there's a reason why they're hiding it?"
"I just had the same conversation with Matt and I'm not about to have it with you"
"Fine, I was just making sure you weren't rushing your decision"
"We also talked about that"
"So what can I tell you that Matt hasn't already said"
"That you love me"
"Please shut up"
"Where are we meeting?"
"Paramount Park"
"I'm not asking why, because Matt probably already did"
"Yes he did"
Jenny moaned and hung up on me, 2 more phone calls and I'm good to go.

I checked my phone book for the next number, it took me a bit, but I found it and rang the number,
"Hey, this is Amy"
"Hey Amy, it's me, Miles"
"I remember you, remember that time in college I climbed the school fence and got stuck at the top"
"Yeah, I remember the teachers getting pissed off at you and me saving you"
"That was the day we became friends, seems like so long ago..."
"That's because it was"
"Oh yeah"
"Anyways, you wanna come help me uncover some military secrets"
"For sure! I'll grab a few things and be there in a few minutes, actually, where are we going?"
"Greenville, and before you ask its because the military quarantined it and is hiding the town from public view, I plan to expose whatever is going on there"
"Sounds like a plan stan"
"You know, your the first person I've talked to about this that hasn't been all 'It's dangerous for a reason' or 'Can I trust you with my life?'"
"There's a simple explanation for that"
"What would that be exactly?"
"I'm awesome and they aren't"
"I think that's a reasonable explanation"
"Me too"
"Great minds think alike, anyway, come to Paramount Park in an hour and bring whatever your taking with you"
"Okay, very descriptive wording there by the way"
"Thanks for the compliment, see ya there"
I hung up the phone and ticked her off the list, I never thought I'd get tired of calling people.

The last number on the list was probably the easiest to remember, it was Fintan Donahue's number, we were friends in primary school after he lost his temper for the first time protecting a kid from a bully, if I hadn't stepped in and calmed him down, that bully would have been in a body cast for a long time, he usually called me when he was worried about himself in high school, I still had his number in my phone so I called him with it,
"Hey Fint, how's it going?"
"Pretty good, how about you?"
"Not bad, I was actually going to ask you about something relating to myself"
"You made a mountain and named it after yourself? Why didn't you tell me? I wanna see it"
"I didn't make a mountain, I got the opportunity of a lifetime, my brother told me about Greenville, the military turned into a ghost town, no one goes in, no one goes out, no one remembers it, I want to find out why"
"Sounds like fun, you want me to come?"
"But what if I do something stupid in front of the military?"
"Don't worry, if they see us they'll probably shoot us no matter what"
"cough Sorry, you were saying?"
"We aren't going to be seen by the military, they're taking anyone they see near the town and doing god knows what with them, I think I'll look into that too"
"Okay, how do we get there?"
"By chopper, I'm calling in a favor with my old friend Doug"
"From College?"
"The Jock that hated everyone?"
"How does that guy owe you a favor?"
"If I told you, we wouldn't have a chopper ride to a really far away town"
"Good point"
"Meet me at Paramount Park in half an hour and bring stuff with you"
"Yup, okay, stuff, park, half hour, got it"
"No, say that again"
"In half an hour, go to Paramount Park, bring whatever you want to take with you"
"Got it, for reals this time"
I hung up and walked into my bedroom, I grabbed my jacket and put on my runners I grabbed my sunglasses and slung my black backpack over my shoulder, I walked over to my cupboards and chucked tinned foods and water bottles in it, I grabbed a kitchen knife and chucked that in too, finally I grabbed some pens and my journal and put those in carefully, then thought about something, I packed a map of the area and a compass, never know when you might need one, then I picked my bag up again and slung it over my shoulders. I walked back into my room and grabbed my camera and hung it from my neck, thinking I grabbed everything I opened the door and remembered my phone, I grabbed it and a charger and left for Paramount Park. On the way I wondered to myself what the others reaction would be when we all got there, if everyone left on time, we would all get there at the same time and see each other again after years of not seeing each other, then I wondered if I would remember what everyone looked like, I put that thought aside and said to myself, everything will be fine once I get there, hopefully.

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