The Memories We Shared (A One Direction Story)

The Memories We Shared (A One Direction Story)

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This story is about looking back at memories and realising the ups and downs of life.

Chapter 1

Do you remember?

As I lay on the grass with Louis by our tree, staring at the sky, pointing to the clouds and sharing our dreams, I looked to him by my side and said, "Do you remember? The day that we first met?" He looked at me shocked and said, "Why of course I do. We met at the park." He smiled and I closed my eyes, trying to picture that day.

, I was playing in the park on, I think it was the swings. Yeah, the swings, when this little boy came walking up to me. I was about 5 and he looked about 6 or 7. "Hello! How's your day?" The little boy asked. "I'm having a good day. What's your name?" I asked with a smile on my face. "I'm Louis. What's you're name?" He never seemed to stop smiling. /"I'm Clara. I love to eat chocolate. Do you?" And we just kept asking random questions. /I remember him hopping on the swing next to mine and swinging with me.

I opened my eyes and looked at Louis. "You were so cute back then and are so cute still." I said and kissed him on his cheek. "And you were so sweet and talkative back then and are still." He chuckled and kissed my cheek. "I'm not that talkitive Louis!" I giggled. Louis closed his eyes to picture how we met.

, As we were swinging, I remember her hair blowing in the wind and her cute little smile she wore with pride. I loved that about her. I was looking for a friend that would smile and we could laugh and pull pranks on people. She seemed really happy, but that also made me think, that maybe she actually was sad on the inside. /I didn't want my new friend to be sad at all. /So I just kept on making her laugh. When my mum called me to go home, I said good-bye to Clara and said that I might see her again.

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