Him: A brony/slender horror fest...

I was bored over the weekend so wrote whatever this is- ENJOY!!! :)

Chapter 3

A sharpened branch...

by: Octavi8
They'd been galloping for around 3 minutes before Twilight decided they could take the hoof off the accelerator when it happened. "Is everyone except Flutters here?" Twilight asked when out of nowhere it appeared in front of them. There was a burst of static and whitenoise.

There was a pause before Twilight finally came to her senses. Her first thourght was, "WHERE THE HELL IS EVERYPONY???". Hearing sobbing she then looked to her left. There, sitting on a tree stump, was Rainbow sobbing uncontrollably. Twilight had never seen Rainbow cry but this sure as hell made up for it. "Rainbow?" She asked. "What's wrong?"
"I-I-t-t's F-Fl-lu-t-ter-s-sh-shy..." Rainbow manged to say between sobs pointing her hoof over to a nearby tree. Twilight turned to look at the tree- and promptly vomited onto the leafy forest floor. What had been Fluttershy's body was now impaled to the tree by a sharpened branch going straight thourgh her throat. Her face was distorted in a look of pure terror and pain. Twilight's eyes slowly moved down to Fluttershy's abdomen- or what it had been.

The chest cavity had been cut open and the internal organs taken out and placed in some kind of seethourgh bags before being replaced in the same places they had been beforehand. Twilight turned her attention back to Rainbow who was still sobbing. She walked over to her. Rainbow flung her forelegs around Twilight and sobbed some more burying her face in twilights mane. Twilight gently began to stroke Rainbows back with a hoof almost like she was comforting a sad filly who had fallen over in the playground. "Rainbow. We'll all be sorry that she died but right now, lets just foucus on getting to Zecora's eh?" she gently whispered in her ear.

Rainbow backed off and wiped the tears from her eye's. "I s'pose your right..." she said. "Let's get going..." and they both began to walk. They didn't care what direction anymore providing they found the rest of the herd and made it to Zecora's house- alive...

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