Him: A brony/slender horror fest...

I was bored over the weekend so wrote whatever this is- ENJOY!!! :)

Chapter 1

A letter

by: Octavi8
It was Nightmare's night (Or whatever the mlp equivalent to Halloween is...) when Twilight recieved the message- not knowing how the life she knew would be destroyed and replaced with a world of fear.

"Twilight. I emplore you NOT to visit Zecora with friends as planned tonight for HE shall cast out his withering gaze upon you and misfortune shalt turn your lives into a living nightmare. Just don't go!!! THIS CAN ALL END WITH ME...

Yours faithfully


At this point. the letter abruptly stopped as the end of the "n" trailed off as ink spilled across the page and blotted in places.
"Why doesn't Luna want me to visit her?" twilight thourght contemplating the letter. The night air was abruptly cut with a knife as a defaning scream ripped thourgh the small town like a missle.

Twilight slammed the book down, knocked on some doors and the group set out towards the forest...

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