Blood Letter (A Zombie Story)  UPDATED! Authors read!

Blood Letter (A Zombie Story) UPDATED! Authors read!

This a zombie story about 6 survivers living in a warehouse trying to survive
the zombie apocalyps.They take shifts of who goes out looking for food.
They may find more survivers on the way. the picture up there is a Feral zombie

Chapter 9

Lexi - Oh joy, a bunch of things


Just great.

I can see the pizza factory, a huge, brown thing just plopped somewhere in front of us, in the distance. At least I thought that was the pizza factory. And now there's a nice big group of things in our way.

"What do we do?" A small group, about four of them, had noticed us. Zara gripped her pistol tightly.

"Well, don't go shooting them, it will alert all of them." Jonathan pulled out his wrench, and I my machete.

The thing had gotten very grimy, but after someone found a knife sharpener, and I figured out how to use it, it was amazing at chopping through skulls. I figured the things being rotten helped.

"Zara, stay back, and watch behind us. Use your knife" Zara nodded.

She didn't talk very much, except to ask questions and answer questions. And to me. I wanted to get her to talk more, but how could I when we were trying to survive?

Jonathan and I got to work, with him bashing in their heads with his giant wrench, and me stabbing them. There was some noise, which alerted them, but it was a steady stream that we could at least handle. Zara was silent, which meant she hadn't seen any of them behind us.

Jonathan accidentally bangs the side of the bus with a wrench. He grimaces, knowing what that means. Sure enough, all the things left, which is still about three quarters of them, start swarming. They climb over the bodies of the ones already killed, and start scrambling to get on the bus.

Some vulgar words were spoken, and an unspoken plan to scramble onto the SUV next to the bus was made. It was about the same size as the bus, but luckily, since all the things had gone for the bus, it left a safe spot to jump down on. So we jumped, and we ran for our lives.

The things were fast, but we were still faster. Even me, who had never been the best at sports. Though I suppose you get good at it in the Apocolypse. We take a few turns, trying to stick to something we can find on the map. It would be awful to lose our bearings completely.

Eventually, we reach a spot we are fairly certain the group of things won't stumble upon if they keep going the way we ran.

"What do we do now?" Zara asked me. Jonathan was consulting the map, looking up, looking around, doing everything.

"We climb a tree." That was both an answer to Zara's question, and a suggestion to Jonathan.

He nodded, before folding up the map and beginning to climb the tallest tree he can find. He was tall himself, it was easy for him. Even Zara was taller than me, and she was a year younger. So Zara went up next, and helped me clamber up. Once I was up though, I was great at climbing.

Jonathan went to the tallest branch he could, Zara went a bit further, and me, being the shortest and the lightest, could go even higher, to a break between the leaves.

"See anything?" Zara asked, hugging the trunk of the tree.

"I see the big building we saw earlier. It's way to the right, I can only see a bit. I can see the pizza factory. We're closer than we were before."

I climbed down to Jonathan, and pointed to the general spot I thought we were. It was quite a bit away from the red X that marked our camp.

"Should we go for it?" It was a question directed at me. I weighed my decisions.

We could go, possibly run into more things, but possibly not, and we could find a ton of supplies, and we could find none.

Or, we go back to camp, run the risk of running into the things we already escaped from, empty handed and in shame.

I choose the option that doesn't involved coming back in shame. Some chance is better than no chance.

"I think we should go for it." I looked up at Zara. She looked at me incredulously.

"Alright then. See any of the monsters while you were up there?"

"Not nearby. I saw a couple on like the streets and stuff, but the pizza factory is sort of off to the side, on a different road. I didn't see any near there. I think." I shrug.

"Well okay then. Let's go."

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