Blood Letter (A Zombie Story)  UPDATED! Authors read!

Blood Letter (A Zombie Story) UPDATED! Authors read!

This a zombie story about 6 survivers living in a warehouse trying to survive
the zombie apocalyps.They take shifts of who goes out looking for food.
They may find more survivers on the way. the picture up there is a Feral zombie

Chapter 8


We decided to split up to look for food. Of course being the idiot he is...Johnny Boy had suggested three groups of two. Which is not enough. Say like.. 2 people can not take on a pack a zombies. Plus three can. Since.. like.. in groups of two, what if one died?..the your stuck by yourself and will most likely die. At least in a group of three, the other two have a chance if surviving since they got each other. So, while Johnny boy took Lexi and Sara to look for food and supplies, I took Jasmine and Max. We took different directions with the other group heading down to the old pizza factory while we checked out a local McDonald's. I am hoping they have some stuff there that isn't bad. Like say buns or something. or already cooked fries. Hey..sure they are better warm, but McDonald's fries never go bad. Since, you never know what we could find. Maybe we will be lucky and can get the ice cream machine working and grab ourselves a cone.

We head into the back entrance of the McDonald's scouting out the area and began looking after seeing no zombies. However, we still kept on guard in case there was any. Never can be too careful you know. We began looking through the cabinets and cupboards and were trying to find any thing if use.

"Any luck?" I ask them.

"Nothing" says Jasmine. "I got nothing!"

"I found a couple containers of cooking grease. Like...we can use it to cook, or light a fire." said Max.

"what about you Alice?" asked Jasmine. "got anything?"

"yeah" I told her. "six packs of hamburger buns with seaseme seeds" I showed them to them. "and they are not moldy either"

"Awesome!" said Max "we got bread!" ha.. that probably more than what the others found" he boasted proudly.

"eh. Hey. Supplies are supplies." I told them. I'm not sure if there us anything left to scrap. But it wouldn't hurt to check the last couple cabinets"

"yeah" said Jasmine.

we continue to hear to search til we heard a sneeze.

"Bless you" I said to Jasmine.

"uh .. that wasn't me" said Jasmine

"you certainly?" I ask. "It sounded Female" I look over to Max.

"wasn't me" he shrugged. "Alice?"

"Idiot. I wouldn't be asking if I was the one that sneezed wouldn't I?" I glare at him. "someone is in here with us" I grab out my bat. "Careful. They could be hostile"

"I thought we scopped the place out?" asked Jasmine.

"yeah. But apparently not well enough" I hear the sneeze again coming from under the kitchen sink. "sssh" I notion to them and grab my back, slowly .. I open the cabinet to regal a surprisingly tall and lanky blue eyes blonde teenage girl armed with a sword and small handgun. Next to her was a 5 pound sack or Potatoes, and another one full of apples. She pointed he gun in my face.

"Nobody move or I will shoot you!" she said. "I noticed her hands were shaking a bit. She was terrified and looked hungry. I figured we could help her. Who knows, she could be a good edition to the group. We would have never known she was there if she hadn't sneezed. A real good hider it seems.

"Take it easy." I tell her. We mean you no harm. Look..we have a group.. of teenagers. Just like you. We could use someone with skills. You seem to have some. If you come with use, you will have a better chance surviving with a group then without one"

"you. you said your all teens?" she asked questioningly. "no stupid freaking adults?"

"Yep. We all range in age from around 15-17.. and Max here is the oldest" I point over to Max.

"Hi" Max waved.

"well... it ...I guess it would be safer... " she said questionly. "Is it just you three?" she asked..

"No. We have three others. Teenagers like us. A dude and two girls. Plus we have a place to stay. Share your Apple and potatoes with us. and you can stay with us." I tell her.

"Fine" she says. "I'll come along"

"Good" I look at her. "So, what's your name?" I asked curious.

"My name. Is Eliza." she said. "Eliza Johnson"

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