Blood Letter (A Zombie Story)  UPDATED! Authors read!

Blood Letter (A Zombie Story) UPDATED! Authors read!

This a zombie story about 6 survivers living in a warehouse trying to survive
the zombie apocalyps.They take shifts of who goes out looking for food.
They may find more survivers on the way. the picture up there is a Feral zombie

Chapter 4

Jasmine Grey: The Outbreak Changed My Life

The day the outbreak reached my house was unforgettable. I was walking in the woods looking for my brother Cade. He stole my baseball cap. I was about to catch up to him, but that's when I heard my mother scream. Cade and I instantly ran to where we heard my mom. I saw zombies eating at my mom. My dad ran out out of the house with a gun. "Jasmine! Cade! Go inside and get weapons, food, clothes, and other survival things!" my dad called while shooting zombies. I pulled Cade inside and told him to stuff a bag with non-perishable food. I ran upstairs and packed clothes for both me and Cade. I ran to the basement and brought a case of water bottles to Cade.

After I finished packing clothes and survival items (matches, two first aid kits, blankets, pillows, flashlights, batteries, pocket knives etc.) Cade had a backpack full of food and drinks. I lead him to my dad's hunting stuff. I clipped a handgun in a carrier to my belt and and slung a cross bow over my shoulder. Cade took a rifle and a dagger.

I climbed onto our roof and sat down on a flat spot. Cade climbed threw the window and shut it. I dumped my bag out and separated my stuff from his stuff and then split the supplies. Cade emptied his bag of food and water. We each got 10 bottles of water and five boxes of non-perishable food. Cade and I pack our things into our backpacks.
"What are we gonna do now? This place is overrun because dad shot zombies and created way too much sound," asked Cade. I was a zombie holding a shot gun. It couldn't be I thought. It was my dad. Turned. His face emotionless, waiting for someone to eat. I had to move on.
"Follow me," I instructed.

I knew the woods inside and out. I knew what trees were ok to stand on and what branches specifically are sturdy enough to hang on to or sit on. I jumped onto the closest tree and quickly moved so Cade could get on. He had to be careful. If Cade stepped on the wrong branch, it could be over for him. We leaped from tree to tree until the sunset. I found the big oak tree I always retreated to when I needed to cool off. This oak tree could keep a tent up. I settled down on a flat space. This was the day my life changed.

Two Months Later

Cade left to join an all boys group. We said we'd meet up someday and I haven't heard from him since. Right now I just want to survive and find Cade. Before he left, he gave me his dagger, I kept it in my combat boots that went up to just up to my knees.

I jumped from tree to tree unnoticed by zombies. As I was jumping I noticed a group. With their ripped clothing and dirty skin I couldn't tell whether they were turned or not. I followed them without making a noise. I follow until they reach a warehouse out of zombie reach. Just as the group opens the door, I jump from the tree and land in front of them.
"Are you a zombie?" a boy asked me.
"Oh yeah, cause I'd totally tell I'm a zombie and that I'm gonna eat your brains out right now. Just a heads up, you know?" I answered sarcastically. They looked at me suspiciously. "Ok, tell what zombie can climb, talk, and stand here not wanting to eat your insides?" Everyone shrugged. A blonde boy with a scar on his face stepped in front. I'm guessing he was some leader. "Where's your group?" he questioned me. "I don't have one. I was fine without one, but I'm running low on supplies," I answered.
"We you can stay with us. I guess."
"I just need supplies and I can go. I'm more of an independent person."
"It's fine. Stay with us. It's Jonathon White by the way." I shrugged and followed them into the warehouse. "It's Jasmine."

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