Blood Letter (A Zombie Story)  UPDATED! Authors read!

Blood Letter (A Zombie Story) UPDATED! Authors read!

This a zombie story about 6 survivers living in a warehouse trying to survive
the zombie apocalyps.They take shifts of who goes out looking for food.
They may find more survivers on the way. the picture up there is a Feral zombie

Chapter 3

Alice Crick: The Day The World Ended

I remember when the world ended. I was out back working on the farm when I hear screaming from the front of the house and the shot of my dad's rifle. I ran to the front of the house with my brother Alex..and the sight in front of me scared me. Some sort of creature was attacking my looked it was mutated..or a zombie or some sorts. I saw my mom's body ripped to parts and my dad was trying to shoot at it my...uncle was on the zombie back hitting it with a baseball bat but then another zombie grabbed him and started to tare him apart as well. I screamed and the zombies turned my direction. Our Farm Hand Willy threw a giant vase at the zombie hitting him in the head and taking it clear right off. But then another zombie that looks like my little can't be....Alexis? No.....she was turned into one of them! NO! I thought. This couldn't be possible! She jumped on my dad and bit him....and he started turning as dad and my sister started to come forth towards Alex, Willy, and I. I didn't want to have to kill them..they were my family! Before I can even do anything..Willy takes the kitchen knife and throws it at them. A knife hitting each of them in the head...but they aren't dead. Just temporally stunned. Willy quickly grabs my dad and twisted his neck in a choke hold breaking it. A move he had learned when he was back in the marine core. I watched in horror as he did the same to my little sister when she tried to attack them.I burst into ttears as my brother hold me. Willy turns to us and says. "It had to be done. They weren't your family anymore. They were monsters. Get your things. Now. We are leaving before more of them arrive. And make certain to grab a weapon."

I was still in shock but I did what he said. I was quite frankly scared...I really was. We grabbed all the supplies, food, a nd weapons that we could and set out towards the woods away from civilization. We figured there would be less chance of running into the Zombies in the middle of nowhere.

That night we set up camp. It was getting late and we decided to take shifts. I had the last shift so I got to sleep first. I woke up several hours later to shouting and a gun shot. I ran over to where my brother was supposed to be keeping post. He was dead. Just laying their with his eyes still open and a gun shot hole in his forehead. I cried and frantically looked around for Willy...but him and his gun were nowhere to be found.....I screamed and cursed Willy's name. He killed my brother and fled leaving me here all alone. He was going to pay...he..was going to pay...I will kill him. No matter what...whether he's still human or turned into a zombie like one of them..I was going to kill him. I sat there crying holding my brother's dead body..wishing he was still alive even though he was long gone.

In the morning, I did the hardest thing that I ever had to do..and burried Alex. I put a giant stone as a grave marker above his grave and using Alex's machete I carved his name into it.

I stood up and began to pack up our stuff taking whatever I could with me and leaving behind anything I didn't need. I eyed my brother's machete.

"Willy...I'm coming after you." ..I said looking at my brother's machete. " You killed my brother..and now...I'm going to kill you. It only seems right that in order for justice to be served that I kill you with my brother's weapon you Damn son of a b:tch....your going to pay for what you hear...your going to pay"

So from there I sent out on my quest to track down Willy and to kill him before he can kill me.

2 months later

I was sitting up in the trees. I had a horde of about 30 zombies surrounding the base of the tree. This is not good. Not good at all. Either I got to fight or I die up here. I see them down below. Their beady hollow eyes looking up at me scratching at the bark trying to get up. Well. I'm not going to stay up here all day. I pull out my brother's machete. Time for some action. I jump from the tree landing behind them. Before they can even so much as turn around I wack off the head of one with the machete. They start coming at me and as each get closer I chop at them with the machete. I slice and slice and heads and headless drop to the ground one after one. I manage to kill every single last one of them. I sigh in relief. What a work out. A twig snaps from behind me and in a blink of an eye I turn and throw the machete pinning it by it's shirt to a tree.

He screams looking at me with wide eyes in fear. "WHAT THE HELL!?!?!?" he screams, "You could have almost taken my head off!"

"Sorry about that.". I look at him and shrug. "Thought you was one of them zombies. Though...I think I need to work on my aim. I was aiming for your head."

He gulps."Well...I'm not a Zombie...can you get me loose now? I'm kinda dangling here....".

I laugh. When I threw the machete pinning him to the tree it hit the upper part of the shirt and he was now dangling from the ground by about 3 inches.

"Yeah." I told him. "I will....but first...have you been bitten or scratched by the zombies?"

He looks at me. "No....can you just get me down from here?...."..

"FINE! I will ....I will..hold your horses boy!"

"But I ain't got no horses!" He says.

I give him a look that say you got to be kidding me.. "Boy. Your really dumb, or your a smartass. That or both!"

"Not dumb! Just a sarcastic smartass!" He grins.

"Idiot..." I unhook him.

"The name's Jonathon White!"..."what's yours?" He asks.

"Alice. Alice Crick." I told him."I don't suppose you got a place we can stay for the night? Right?"

"Actually..I got a whole warehouse where I have been hiding out with. Will that work?" He asks.

"Oh...that'll defiantly work." I said. "Take me to it Johnny Boy!"

He led me to the warehouse where we are now staying. Turns out he's 16 as well and is only just a couple months younger than me. So now. We were going to be staying here until we find more survivors and bring them in as well.

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