Blood Letter (A Zombie Story)  UPDATED! Authors read!

Blood Letter (A Zombie Story) UPDATED! Authors read!

This a zombie story about 6 survivers living in a warehouse trying to survive
the zombie apocalyps.They take shifts of who goes out looking for food.
They may find more survivers on the way. the picture up there is a Feral zombie

Chapter 2

The Second Month Of A New Life.... (Jonathan)

by: Hoolian
Its been a month since the outbreak happened. Although I remember it like it was
just resterday. It was my birthday.I was turning 16. My mom was preparing
dinner. She was making her famous lassonia. My dad got the car started.He
was going out to get grocerys.I played some basket ball with my brother John.
My sister Alex was as usual...texting her friends. It was only 4:00 PM when it
it happened. I was watching the news in my couch when I heard a explosion.
I looked outside and saw people screaming,yelling,running around infear.
People were getting in there cars,trying to leave the city. I called my dad to see
what was going on. Then I saw thousands of people running outside eating
everyone. The news said there was a outbreak happening with what we call
zombies. I right away went down stairs to make sure my mom was ok. Alex came
Out of her room in fear asking me whats going on. I realy couldn't tell her...well
because I didn't even know my self.I saw my dad come in the driveway with his
car.He ran inside and locked the door. He went in his room and grabbed a pistol
from one of his drawers.They were banging on our doors. He said we had to
pack,and that we would be taking the car to get out of town..but it was too late.
Some man and his wife stole our car. We ran outside to try to find a different car
but there was none. We went down the subway station,hoping to find a use'able
subway train,but instead we found and investation of zombies sorounding the
train.We turned around to leave but my mom was grabbed.My dad went to save
her but one jumped on him. I pushed it off,and mom was torn apart....
Alex puked,and John cried.We ran out of there and found a car.It was locked
but dad was good at getting in places he needed to get to.He smashed the
window and hoped inside.He unlocked it and we both went inside.A family with
a child came buy looking for there car,and were eaten.Alex didn't like the fact
we stole that familys car.Those people were just like us....trying to survive.
We got stuck in traffic for a half an hour.A man came buy our car and yelled~
"Get OUT of the CAR!!!! Get out of the car NOW!!!! Or I'll shoot you!!" My dad
listened to the man and got out. My dad told the man we were just trying to
survive. But the man shot him in the head and said~
"Well I'll save you the trubble" We ran out of the car and went through some
bushes.We were running through a huge field and saw an out-house in the
distance.John and Alex got tierd,and I tripped.There were about fourty zombies
behind us. I slowly got up and Alex was pulled on the grass by zombies.John
went to save her but a realy fast zombie ran up to him and ripped him in half....
I ran to get Alex but she was allready being eaten..... A few weaks later I set
up a base in a warehouse.It seamed safe for the time being.I ran out of food,
water and weapons.Untill I found a surviver. Her name was Alice Crick. She
had short black hair and freckles. She was thin,pale but looked realy athletic.
"Thats it!" I said to ,myself.If I find more survivers,me and those survivers will
have a better chance of surviving. When I saw her take out some heads with
a machete..I knew she would be perfect to help defend the warehouse.

That was the worst birthday ever...but ever since that day I found survivers,Its
like we actually can survive now....

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