Blood Letter (A Zombie Story)  UPDATED! Authors read!

Blood Letter (A Zombie Story) UPDATED! Authors read!

This a zombie story about 6 survivers living in a warehouse trying to survive
the zombie apocalyps.They take shifts of who goes out looking for food.
They may find more survivers on the way. the picture up there is a Feral zombie

Chapter 10

Jonathan.. The Pizza Factory...

by: Hoolian
"I think we should go for it." Lexi said and looked up at Zara.

"Alright then." I didnt want to come back empty handed. I'd be a little embarassed if we came back with nothing and the rest had tons of stuff, "See any of the monsters while you were up?" She looked at me, "Not nearby. I saw a couple on like the streets and stuff, but the pizza factory is sort of off to the side, on a different road. I didn't see any near there. I think." She shrugged.

"Well okay then. Lets go."

We started crossing the streets for a while and heading on to the roads. She was right, ways further the streets were cluddered with zombies. We smartly avoided them, sticking to the road. Finally we were inches away from the factory. There was zombies all over the parking lot. Three by the windows, four by the entrance and a bunch of them scattered around the parking lot. We hid behind a car, to think up a plan.

"What should we do?" I asked. I wanted to know everyones thought before making up my mind. "Theres less by the windows." Lexi said, pointing through the car door. The glass had been shattered long before. It would be a quick run. Straight ahead was the windows. "Three of us and three of those things." Zara noted. "Lets do it!" We walked up to them, fast but quiet. I knocked one down and bashed its skull. Lexi pushed her machete in ones face, and Zara quickly, before it could grab her stabbed one in the head. "We did it.." I took a moment to breath before strying to open the window. idiot! I thought. These windows dont open. I ran out of suggestions. Zombies now saw us and there were too many to take on by ourselves. I could only think of one thing.. I raised my rifle ready to shoot the window, "Do it!" Lexi yelled, and I shot the gun. The glass had shattered and we quickly hopped inside.

The window had led us to the kitchen. We quickly pulled a food shelf over, blocking the window, "That won't last!" I yelled, "We need to find anything edible.." I started searching cupboards. There were empty food jars and junk.

"Did you get anything?"

"No. I just started. Giv-" The kitchen doors blasted open, with zombies pouring in. Oh great. Zombies inside..why didn't I think there would be some inside? This is the part where Alice would call me stupid or something. I thought, then quickly started shooting. We took out most of them pretty fast, but quickly ran to the doors, quickly blocking them with shelves. Zara pulled out something from a cupboard, "Look, frozen pepperoni's." I looked at the big bag of them, "Good you found something. Least we can say we did that." It was good..but I wanted more. "That will only last us so long. We should look for more before leaving."

The self started to give in. I grabbed a tin of sardines. I'd rather leave it than eat it, but we needed the food. Lexi pulled up a big bag and waved it around so we could see. "Flour." Is flour useful? Maybe. I said, "Great!" Before realizing that we would be carrying all this back. The shelf fell over and the doors burst open again. Zombies were coming from both sides. I turned to the right and ran for the other windows. I shot the glass and hopped over. Zara went next. Then Lexi. "But what about the flour?" I asked. It would be really heavy to bring all this way back. She looked at it, then the zombies... "Should I keep it?" I looked the untouched bag of flour. It was so clean it was like it was left for us,

"Its up to you.."

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