Blood Letter (A Zombie Story)  UPDATED! Authors read!

Blood Letter (A Zombie Story) UPDATED! Authors read!

This a zombie story about 6 survivers living in a warehouse trying to survive
the zombie apocalyps.They take shifts of who goes out looking for food.
They may find more survivers on the way. the picture up there is a Feral zombie

Chapter 1


by: Hoolian
Jonathan White. (Me)
Age: 16
Appearance: Tall,blond hair,strong,ripped jeans,white tee-shirt,and scar on face.
Personality: Kind,Calm,Brave,Loves to make jokes,protects his friends.
Weapons: (P) Large wrench. (S) Bolt action rifle.
Past: Parents died during the outbreak.Brother died trying to save his sister,And
sister didn't make it.
Relationship: (No one.)
Trait: Was a pizza delivery guy.

examples, A chef, a dance teacher, used to play hockey. Stuff like that. So if say Alice was a chef, I would say, "Alice here, is are cook. She makes the food and all." Because she used to cook so she could be the cook in the group.

Alice Crick
Age: 16
Appearance: Short black hair, Glasses, Freckles, Short 5'3, Thin, Pale, Athletic
Personality: Shy, Quiet, Intelligent, Creative, Caring
Weapons: (P) A Metal baseball bat. (S) Her Lighter & Machete.
Past: Grew up in the Country side on a small farm when the outbreak happaned.
Was only one of three that ended up surviving the attack on the farm...but then
the other two got into a fight.One of them was her brother and the other guy killed
her brother and got away. She wants revenge.

Lexi Sullivan
Age: 16
Appearance: African descent, dark skin, chocolate brown eyes, dark brown, wavy hair, short, slim.
Personality: Impulsive, quick thinking, energetic, reckless.
Weapons: (P) Machete (S) Pistol
Past: Had a typical life. Was with her little sister when everything went crazy. She took her sister and fled.
Relationship: None

Cara Strong
Age: 15
Appearance: Wavy dirty blond hair, tall, pale, icy blue eyes.
Personality: Friendly, a bit of a-know-it-all, precocious, brave, stubborn, generous
Weapons: A bow and arrow is always with her and she carries a small knife for backup
Past: Lived in the city with her parents and her younger sister until they all went missing. Everyone knew that they had died but never told Cara.

Eliza Johnson
Age: 15
Appearance: Blonde hair going to her mid back, bright blue eyes, tall but not lanky
Personality: Brave, sarcastic, smart, cunning, but sometimes reckless.
Weapons: (P) Sword (S) Hand gun
Past: Abused by her father, her only close family member. He escaped but she is still running from him

Other survivors who are for now out of the book

Jasmine Grey
Appearance: Long black hair,Ice blue eyes, 5'9".
Personality: Independent, Tomboyish, Doesn't give a crap what others think.
Weapons: (P) Crossbow. (S) Hand gun.
Past: Parents died during the outbreak leaving only me and my older brother Cade. Later we split up and promised to meet each other again.Now her goal is
to survive and find her brother.

Max Keating
Age: 17
Appearance: short Light brown hair, emerald green eyes, 6'0", athletic build
Personality: Funny, Mischievous, Immature, Reckless, Knows when to stop, Ambitious, Determined, Stubborn
Weapons : (P) Katana (S) Pistol
Past: His family survived the first few weeks of the outbreak but soon his parents were killed along with his siblings and he was left alone
Relationship: None

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