The Last Augment (A Khan/Star Trek Fanfiction)

The Last Augment (A Khan/Star Trek Fanfiction)

120 years old (Appears to be about 25)
Bright Green eyes
Dark Brown hair
Was one of the Augment embryos preserved from the Eugenics Wars. Was unfrozen and grown in 2139 by a compassionate Starfleet officer that did not wish to destroy all the unborn Augments. Is currently hiding on Earth as a human, working as a Starfleet Intelligence agent, when the events of Star Trek Into Darkness occur.

Chapter 1

You Are Not Alone

"Officer Ayla, report to my office immediately."

"Yes, Admiral Marcus." I rose from my place and went to greet the man, the monster, that I had the greatest dislike for in all of existence.

In my current 'life' I was an intelligence officer, and so it was my job to know everything there was to know that could affect Starfleet and the Federation. There was quite a bit of information about Admiral Marcus and the things he was doing that made me...angry, to say the least. Keeping my people prisoner in their cryotubes was my main grievance.

I was an Augment. A genetically engineered 'super-human', one of many that had taken over the Earth two centuries ago. I had not been around for that, for I had been but a frozen embryo, saved from destruction 120 years ago by a Starfleet officer named Jaci. The woman I had come to call my mother. She had told me about the past of my race when I was old enough, and I spent all of my days since then resenting the humans. Hating them for killing all the rest of my people.

Until the day Admiral Marcus' fleet discovered 84 of my brethren aboard an abandoned ship, suspended in cryosleep. He kept them prisoner and awakened one to assist him in his insane quest of militarizing Starfleet. I wished dearly to go to that one soul, the one they had renamed John Harrison, and be with him. Commune with one of my kind, see what the days were like when we Augments were a proud people. But I did not have that kind of authority.

I arrived at Admiral Marcus' office, inside Starfleet headquarters in San Francisco. I knocked once and the door opened to reveal his lined face. I hid my vicious hatred behind a shy smile and said "Admiral."

"Officer Ayla, please come in." I entered his grand office and sat in a chair before his equally grand desk. He came around and sat across from me, looking fractionally more stern than when I had entered. "Officer Ayla, you are one of the few lower-class Intelligence division members aware of the Augment project. Using their intelligence to create better ships and weaponry for us."

I nodded. "Yes sir. I have been aware since the project began."

"And you have not revealed your knowledge to anyone, Starfleet member or otherwise. You are a...competent officer, are you not?" I nodded again, not wanting to comment on just how much more 'competent' I was. "Then I feel safe in bringing you closer to this project, because it has gone critical. John Harrison has destroyed our London facility of Section 31 and gone rogue. He has made threats against Starfleet and myself, and must be found. I am giving you the authority to do everything in your power to find him."

"Why, sir?" I was euphoric at the prospect of being further involved with the Augment project, but could not let the Admiral see. I had done quite an excellent job at hiding my true identity, and did not wish to reveal it now.

"As I have are a competent officer who knows how to keep a secret, and that is necessary in what we are doing. If others were to know of the advances we were making, they would undoubtedly try to steal our information to use for themselves."

I nodded, smiling knowingly. He didn't want anyone to know what we were doing, because we weren't supposed to be doing it. "I will set to my task of locating the fugitive Augment John Harrison as soon as possible. Will that be all, sire?"

"There will be a summit in two hours' time where all senior officers and myself will discuss the London bombing. They do not know know the reason why a simple archive was bombed, but I will also set them to the task of locating Harrison. You will accompany me to this meeting."

"What about the Vice Admiral, sire?"

"He is off on another world, will not be back in time. So you will take his place." I fought to hide a smirk. This was excellent. "Two hours."

I stood and nodded. "Yes sir." As I turned from the Admiral and exited his office, the grin spread uncontrolled.

This was my opportunity. My chance to work my way into the Augment program, to find the others of my kind. Admiral Marcus had effectively given me the authority to do whatever I wished...And what I wished to do was find John Harrison, and then the rest of our Augment brethren.

The two hours until the summit passed quickly. With my newfound authority, I was able to gain access to the footage files from London at the time of the bombing and look for Harrison. I could have hacked into them effortlessly, but that was unnecessary now. There was no risk of getting caught now that I was allowed to do this.

It took no time at all to spot Harrison and surmise what he was up to. Stealing a portable transwarp device, a battle-ready jumpship...He was going to leave Earth. But not until he got some revenge...Otherwise, he would not have taken such an able ship with on-board weaponry. I could only think of one person he would want to take revenge against...Admiral Marcus.

I took an elevator to one of the uppermost floors of Starfleet headquarters. The summit between senior officers was about ready to begin, and I hurried to Marcus with the information about the stolen items. I purposefully withheld my deductions about Harrison's reasoning for his attack and theft, hoping he would show to this summit and deliver to the Admiral exactly what he deserved.

The admiral quickly looked over the video footage I brought him and smiled at me. "Wonderful job, Ayla. I'm feeling confident in my decision to bring you aboard."

"Thank you sire...I hope my information can contribute to the capture and punishment of such a dangerous criminal." The Admiral looked pleased as I took the seat by his side. The last of the captains filed in and the door sealed behind them.

I looked around at the sea of faces. I recognized all of them, James Kirk and Christopher Pike especially so. They had been involved with the destruction of Vulcan, the event that started Admiral Marcus on his insane quest for power. I did not hate them as much as mother humans, if only because they had saved the last members of the nearly extinct Vulcan race. Just as I wished to save the last members of mine.

I dutifully ignored Admiral Marcus as he relayed the information I had found to the others in the room. He did not give me credit for finding it, but I was not offended. I was listening for Harrison. These humans may not have been able to hear, but off in the distance, over the din of San Francisco around us, I could hear the whirring of a ship's engine. As it drew closer, I could more clearly distinguish it as that of a small aircraft, just like the one John Harrison stole from London.

I leaned close to Admiral Marcus' ear and mentioned "I will go back and search through the rest of our information while you send these captains out. Perhaps I can assist you in directing them where to go."

He nodded. "Remember, our secrets stay with Section 31." I stood. Several pairs of eyes strayed my way as I strutted from the room.

Little did they know, I simply went into the next empty conference room to wait and watch. If Harrison was coming in his ship, I did not want to be with the other officers when he arrived.

The whirring engine grew louder, and I looked out of the window to see the small jumpship approaching. Inside was the figure I recognized as John Harrison from the London footage I had reviewed. Blue eyes, black hair, and intently focused on the conference room just beside me. The front spotlight of his ship switched on and chaos ensued in the room beside me.

Knowing what was coming, I moved to the opposite wall. Harrison fired a small missile and blew the side of the building open. Part of the wall where I had been standing was destroyed and I could see bodies dropping to the floor through it. He reigned gunfire into the room, slaughtering every officer in his path. I could almost feel this creatures hatred radiating through the air...and it excited me. He was doing the job I hadn't the opportunity to do.

I was a smidge jealous, but overall, I admired Harrison. Nobody in the summit seemed to have expected Harrison would attack them directly. He had planned this out excellently.

A barrage of return fire hit Harrison's ship and I turned to see it was James Kirk that was firing it. Rage flared within me and I would have attacked Kirk, but was distracted by Harrison's ship going down. Smoke issued from his engines, and I saw beams of energy surround him as he prepared to warp away.

Our eyes locked briefly before he disappeared in a burst of light, and his jumpship went crashing to the ground.

I ruffled my hair a bit and went running into the hall, playing the part of the panicked woman.

"Oh my God, what happened?!" I ran to Marcus. "Admiral, are you alright!?"

"Yes, yes, I'm fine...Kirk here was able to pull me out." I glanced his way briefly, suppressing the urge to end him. "I'm giving Kirk full permission to pursue Harrison." He pulled me close and muttered in my ear. "And you find out where he went and what the hêll he's up to."

I nodded. "Yes sir." I watched as the Admiral limped away, not bothering to hide the grin on my face.

He didn't suspect a bit that I had knowingly watched him be assaulted by Harrison. My only regret was that I wasn't able to watch him die.


With my newfound authority, I was able to access transmissions to and from every individual Starfleet ship. That led me to the USS Vengeance, and what Admiral Marcus was doing to the USS Enterprise. Stranding her on the edge of Klingon space.

From my terminal, I listened and watched as Kirk arrived and retrieved John Harrison from Kronos, after threatening him with 72 torpedoes. I knew the torpedoes could do damage, a lot of damage, but what was so special about them?

I went into the technical schematics of the torpedoes, but nothing seemed off about them. I went into the Enterprise's schematic layout and located the torpedoes, and hacked into the ship's computer system to scan them. I nearly screamed.

Augments. In place of the torpedoes' fuel supply, was the cryotubes of the Augments. There were a dozen missing, but 72 of them were there...The last 72 of my people. Alive. How had they gotten inside of Marcus' torpedoes?!

I went into the torpedo project, discovering it was part of the Augment project. John Harrison designed the torpedoes. He placed the cryotubes inside hide them?

And then he escaped and began attacking Starfleet. Because he thought his crew were dead.

Everything made sense. I shut down my terminal and immediately exited the building. I had to get home, had to have access to my private computer where my actions wouldn't be monitored. As a member of the Intelligence division, everything I did at work was monitored. My home life was a bit more lax, particularly because I personally encrypted my computer and set up alerts if anyone besides me tried to access it. It would take ages for one of these humans to access my information.

As soon as I got home, I went to my computer and went into the Enterprise systems again. Into the security system, the camera feeds, and found John Harrison within minutes. He had been moved from the brig to the sick bay, and was being guarded by a number of Starfleet officers.

Admiral Marcus was there as well. In the Vengeance. I intercepted the video broadcast between them, unsurprised to see Marcus ready to destroy the Enterprise. He moved quickly when someone was in the way of what he wanted.

I could do nothing from my computer except watch what was unfolding before me. Simultaneously watching video feeds from the Enterprise and the Vengeance, I was being torn up inside at the fact that I couldn't do anything. I could hack into either ship's computer and change their course, their warp speed, but I doubted if it would do anything. Admiral Marcus would know immediately if someone was hacking into his system, and if he survived this ordeal, I would be the first person he would question because I was the newest one in the project.

I hated being in this situation. Unable to stop the destruction heading towards Earth, unable to interfere with the course of events...

A grin did briefly spread across my face as I watched the video feed of Harrison crush Marcus' skull between his large hands. It quickly disappeared as the fight moved here and the Enterprise and Vengeance plummeted towards Earth.

The Enterprise gained control of her systems and stabilized, but the Vengeance continued to fall. Towards San Francisco. She was plummeting straight for Starfleet headquarters, and being so close, I knew my building would be taken down in the carnage.

A vicious series of clicks echoed throughout my apartment as I hacked into the Vengeance's navigation system. Harrison was pushing her towards Starfleet, trying to destroy it in a last-ditch effort. I steered the ship away from Starfleet and Harrison tried pushing her back on course. I had the better control, being able to override every command he entered, and the Vengeance sailed towards San Francisco Bay.

She crashed into Alcatraz island, splashed thousands of gallons of water through the air, and smashed into the opposite side of the city. Skyscrapers fell, and the Vengeance feed cut out. I didn't need to see the destruction on a computer screen, because I could see and hear it clearly through my apartment window.

Across the bay, I watched the buildings crumble and could hear the screams as if they were directly beside me. Each scream was a human life that fell, never to be regained. It filled me with a twisted sense of satisfaction. Now the humans could feel our pain. Have so many of their race destroyed.

But there were many of them still left. Millions and billions of humans, still running around, doing nothing with their lives...

And my people were near-extinct. The only other Augment up and running around was running through the streets of San Francisco, Starfleet heavily pursuing him. He would be caught, I knew. As fast and intelligent as we were, he was trapped on the ground in a crowded city with no resources at his disposal. I could not stop him from being captured. I could only hope that he was not killed when he was captured.


Section 31 knew how to clean up their messes. Whomever took control after Admiral Marcus' demise wiped the system of all the information they could involving the Augment project. Some of it was still discovered, and some remaining Section 31 employees were arrested as a result. I took the opportunity to erase myself from the system and from Admiral Marcus' computer terminal to avoid being questioned or arrested myself. Starfleet was questioning if any other Augments had been awakened, and if I was discovered...I would be either imprisoned or put into cryosleep with my brethren.

The only good thing to come out of the chaos following the Augment project was that none of them were killed, not even John Harrison. Harrison had been put back into his cryotube and all of the Augments were put into a vault deep below Starfleet headquarters. Only stories below where I worked every day, and with how I had retained my higher position in the Intelligence division...

It was only a matter of time before I could save my brethren from imprisonment.

I was finally going to enter this fray that had been started centuries ago with the slaughter of my kind. John Harrison had made the humans remember that we Augments were still a great threat...And that was without my assistance. I had my virtual fingers in every division of the Federation, had hacked into nearly every species' computer systems at one point, and could know every dirty little secret Starfleet had to hide in a matter of hours...

These humans had no idea what they were up against when I brought John Harrison and the rest of my kind back.

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