No title,really.

Other people: Don't get confused by this. My moms been using quibble to try to threaten me and shes not supposed have any contact with me by law because I hate her due to abuse. She reads all my stories and messages me about them,which if why ive created this.

Chapter 1

Basically,i hope my mothers reading this.

Mom, listen to me, you need to stop this. Im tired of it. I gave you your chances,you didn't stop abusing me. Im done with you. I don't care if im biologically yours, I am no longer your daughter. You abused me,killed my cat,and made my life drama filled. Now your dragging the drama online. Stop it. I hate you,accept that and move on. You tried to replace me with somebody elses daughter which was just rude. Now,you having me drug and pregnancy tested. You went to far,mom. You block me when I try to say something to you over message on quibble but unblock me to send what you wanna say. Well,now im giving you a piece of my mind. First off,I don't do drugs and im not pregnant for sure. You will see on test day that that's true. Leave me alone. Im blocking you and reporting you to Quibblo by the way. So,consider this the last time you hear from me until court/test day.

Bye forever.


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