Victor's Games

All of the victor's at one point in time won The Hunger Games. Some of the stories are quite unforgettable. The weakest of the weak rising up to destroy an arena full of tributes, a 14 year old taking out an arena with a trident and a net, and a record number of deaths. These citizens are the strength of Panem and have beaten all odds to receive the title "Victor."

Chapter 1

The 10th Annual Hunger Games- Mags

The districts were still getting used to the idea of a Hunger Games when Mags was picked at the age of 15. Careers had not quite been constituted at the time, so Mags was on her own. The young girl was versatile, quick, smart, and lethal. Her weapon of choice was a spear. The wise Mags was very beautiful with red hair and green eyes, and she knew how to flaunt her beauty for sponsors. In the interviews she came off very shy and cute, but didn't look weak. The score she got prior to entering the arena was a 9 which surprised many.
The 10th Hunger Games arena consisted of: 1/3 a meadow with tall and short grasses, 1/3 rolling hills, and the last 1/3 was a rocky field with varying sizes of stones. The district 4 girl favored the meadow very much so.
Mags sprinted straight into the Cornucopia. She went for spear that lay in the mouth. She gathered supplies and knives into a large knapsack. When the district 1 boy tried to charge her the spear found it's way into his chest with one quick, almost careless thrust. from Mags. Her hand found it's way around a second small sword when she was dashing from the Cornucopia. The district 8 girl got in between Mags and her way to the tall-grass meadow. The two did little sparring. A swing of a sword from the district 8 girl is easily dodged by the springy district 4 girl. Mags swung her sword and it quickly drew blood from the throat of the district 8 girl. Mags sprinted for the meadow and easily disappeared through the wild entanglement.
This Hunger Games is long and drawn out. Very few alliances are made. When the district 2 boy asks Mags for an alliance she spears him and says some of the most famous words uttered in the games, "I only make enemies in this arena." From there on out Mags does a good job of staying concealed and staying away from the various poison snakes in the meadow. She finds a water source and does no more killing until she is left with only 1 more tribute to battle.
Mags and her final competitor which we come to find out is the the 17 year old district 3 boy make an interesting match up. The boy has a slim build and sharp features. He is the first to arrive to the Cornucopia and picks out his weapon of choice which is a machete. Mags knows this is either the end or the beginning of a life with fame and fortune.
Mags does not make the first move. The boy draws a concealed knife from his belt and throws it at her. She easily avoids the knife and retaliates. She charges for him and he charges back. She stops in the path of him. He closes in and when in range he takes a powerful swing. Mags easily dodges this by going under the blade. Her spear takes a lunge for his back but misses. The district 3 boy whips around and draws his blade up and then down. Mags covers herself with the handle of the spear and the metal clashes together.
Both weapons go toppling to the side and hand-to-hand combat commences. Mags takes the first swing. A fake with her right arm and then a quick knee to the stomach. The muscular girl is an even match with the district 3 boy, even if she is at a height disadvantage by almost 5 inches. He takes a jab at her face and she catches his hand, throwing it back and getting a square kick to his stomach. He flies back landing on the ground. Mags picks up her spear the same time he picks up his sword, but before he gets the chance to use it Mags hurls the spear at him with a roaring shout of anguish. The spear flies into his chest and the cannon sounds.


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