The Society's Rule ~ The Lost Rebellion

Qglargh! When was the last time I wrote something? Anyhow this is pretty much a story based off my two daughters: {Contents Deleted} and {Contents Deleted}!!
Enjoy this story about people dying and losing their souls and what not!

Chapter 1

The Soul.

"A sound soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body."
-Soul Eater.

The Soul is made out of four major parts: Lia, Darr, Auralis, and Grun.

The major part, Auralis, is the part that makes up you: your emotions, personality, memories, and creativity. It is a specific color that supposedly represents yourself. Auralis also has a specific pulse called an Auva, or aura or wave.

Lia (Light) and Darr (Dark) are the second biggest part. You have to note that even though Lia is Light, it isn't always good, nor is Darr always bad. Those are just silly terms put on by us mortals. On contrary to popular belief, Lia and Darr is always balanced, even if a person is a saint or a murderer. Nobody has a little bit more Darr or a little bit more Lia in them. In the case that the balance between Light and Dark is disrupted, the Auralis is affected, causing it to shatter or be destroyed. This can lead to the splitting of the Auralis ( causing bipolarism or even MPD) or maybe even death.

The fourth part, Grun, is nothingness. Children don't have Grun, but Grun first appears in teens. As years pass, Grun tends to grow, and in death, Grun absorbs everything in the soul, leaving only nothingness.

Humans are violent and improbable. Because of us, we have racism, hatred, poverty, destruction, and war. If we were to cut off our emotions, though, we could solve everything. Everyone could be the same. No problems would threaten humanity.

We could all be soulless robots.

Humans use to be full of emotions, creative and unique. But then the Society fixed everyone, never understanding the consequences of unleashing the soul's powers.
A hundred years ago, the meaning of the word "Soul" ceased to exist.

But there is hope.

* please hold a couple of years as I try to stop procrastinating and actually write this. Thanks :)


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