another storm hawk is born

when a childhood friend of stork marries him she soon finds out she's pregnant. she is afraid to tell him but piper is also pregnant they all have a meeting. Aerrow jumps for joy stork also jumps for joy but Finn has to deliver piper and Aerrow's kid and junco has to deliver stork and Camilla's kid.

Chapter 1

No diapers for me

piper? can I talk to you for a little bit Camilla said nervously. sure piper said...Camilla why is your face so pale? promise you will not freak out? Camilla whispered the words I'm pregnant in piper's ear piper was shocked to hear that stork was going to be the father and that Camilla was conceiving a child. Camilla wait I also have something to tell you I'm pregnant also piper said nervously. let's call everyone to a meeting. there is something we both have to tell you about...were pregnant. Stork and Aerrow sat there shocked then all of a sudden YES! FINALLY! WERE NOT DOOMED AFTER ALL! Finn, Junco anything you'd like to say. I'm not changing ANY diapers, at least not after tynki's diaper was put on my face by radarr. I'll do it junco said. (Camilla and piper are now nine months along they are feeling strong contractions they are currently on bed rest for now). Aerrow my water broke piper said with pain in her voice shortly after Camilla's broke too. they were led to the room that was separated by a soft yellow curtain. piper was laid down on a bed with red and orange. Camilla was laid on a bed with sea foam green and pale pink. radarr was curled up next to piper's stomach which was quite large but he didn't mind Aerrow was sitting on the edge of the bed stroking her hair. Finn was being his usual dumb self singing terribly until both piper and Camilla yelled at him SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE BEFORE I SMASH YOUR GUITAR TO SMITHERINES. junco rolled his eyes and said those are some bad pregnancy hormones. soon Camilla and piper were screaming like no tomorrow. stork was nervous wreck pacing constantly and leaning his ear against the door until there was crying. he walked into the room to find a baby girl with black hair, pale green skin, and beautiful eyes like her mom. stork smiled as junco handed him to her he had a tear of joy run down his face. same for Aerrow he held his son and had a tear of happiness just like stork. stork and Camilla named her ruby. Aerrow and piper named him Jamie. there was a knock at the door it turned out to be dove she gave blankets for Jamie and Ruby. ruby got a teddy bear with angel wings and Jamie got a bird with colorful feathers and a halo on it. dove soon left and everyone slept well that night. That morning some passing cyclonians passed by and tried to kidnap the babies but that didn't happen because snipe leaned over Ruby's crib and she kicked him in the face she put a stop to that quick. Finn sadly had to change a gross diaper even though he insisted not to he wore gloves on his hands and a close pin on his nose.


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