Identical (1D & LM)

Identical (1D & LM)

They say there is about seven people in the world who look just like you. When there is over 7 billion people in the world how did I end up looking like her?

Chapter 1

X factor

I took deep breaths trying to remain calm. This was going to be fun.

My number was called and I was invitied onto the X factor stage. Cheryl, Louis, Simon and Danii all sat there in front of me.

"So what's your name sweety?" Cheryl asked smiling.

"Jenna" i smiled. "Jenna Fox"

"Okay and why do you think you have the X factor?" Simon asked.

"i don't, in fact i know i don't and no I am not here to waste your time I am here to give you and the public something to laugh at to save you from making too many hard decisions." I smiled going over the words i had planned for years in my head, everyone told me I was a dreadful singer so I decided to embrace it.

All four judges looked at me confused for a few moments, unsure what to say, i allowed a small smirk to take over my lips.

"Okay then uh off you go?" Simon suggested.

The music started and I closed my eyes losing myself in the beats of Aimee Ann Duffy's record, Stepping stones.

I belted out the lyrics in time. "BUT I WILL NEVER BE A STEPPING STONE, TAKE IT ALL OR LEAVE ME ALONE!" It probably sounded like I was strangling a cat as my voice tore through that auditorium.

I made sure to pull my odd faces that always made people laugh. I did a foreward roll on the stage when the beats were all that played.

Simon was laughing and Louis soon joined him. I could see that Cheryl was fighting a laugh trying to be polite while Danii just looked bored so I turned to her.

"TAKE IT ALL!" I walked towards her "OR LEAVE ME ALONE!" My hand thumped down in front of her before I pulled the funniest face I could ( sucking in my cheeks and nose while making my eyes only show white).

Danii coudn't help but laugh as I shook my booty back onto the stage.

"Thank you for your time. I hope i made your day just a bit brighter!" I grinned as i turned to the exit.

"WAIT!" Simon called.


"We haven't give you our opinions." Louis spoke.

I grinned. "Go on then." i laughed.

"It's a yes from me!" Louis flipping Walsh said. I looked at him and blinked twice.

"I wish I could just give you a yes for the entertainment like Louis but sadly this is a singing competition." simon spoke, "so sadly its a no." I smiled at him to make sure he knew that it was okay.

"I am so sorry hunny but I am going to have to say the same as Simon." Cheryl spoke.

"I SAY YES!" danii shouted quickly. I laughed.

"Thank you."

I turned and skipped out of the room. Dermot asked me how it went as per protocol and i told him how surprised I was that Louis and Danii said yes. He laughed and sent me on my way.


I groaned finishing another essay on a GCSE topic. I hated being fourteen. It was the first year of GCSEs and there was assessments and tests non stop.

I had taken business studies, computer science (a brand new GCSE), PE, triple science and the essential GCSEs consisting of maths, statistics, Religious Studies, and of course my personal favourite: English.

I had a long year ahead of me.

this is just the introduction to my new story Identical. Please comment what you think

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