Jane The Killer: the real story

Its time you all knew the truth.

Chapter 2

Part 2

I began to shake violently. I dropped the paper. I went to the living room window and looked out. The lights were on in Jeff's house. I knew that I had to go there, but I was terrified out of my mind. I shook my head and looked back again. I saw Jeff leaning on the window in his house staring at me with a knife in his hand and tapping it against the window.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

He was still smiling.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

I started stepping back from the window, never taking my eyes off of him. Then I turned and ran away from the window into the kitchen. When I peaked out of the kitchen to look out the window, all I saw was a smear of red on the window.

I turned around and looked at the kitchen. Everything seemed to be in its place. Even the knives. I grabbed one of them and held on tight. Then I found the phone and tried to dial 911. But the phone line was disconnected. I had no idea where dad's cell phone was, or if it was even fixed. I didn't want to go upstairs to find it. I didn't want to get stabbed in the back while I was looking for it; and if I went to ask one of the neighbors for help, Jeff could kill or hurt whoever he have captive. So there was only one choice. To go fight Jeff alone.

I clutched the knife tighter and went to the front door, put on my shoes, and went outside. My hand lingered on the doorknob as I stepped outside. But I knew what I had to do. I let go of the doorknob and marched across the street to Jeff's house.

As I got closer to front door of his house I began to slow down. My knees began to shake, my palms began to sweat, and I started to breathe faster and shallower. before I knew it I was standing completely still on the front doorstep panting like a dog. I manned up grabbed the doorknob squeezed my eyes shut and jerked it open.

I stood there in the doorway with a knife in my right hand and the doorknob in my left, too terrified to open my eyes. Until I heard a voice say, "Looks like you made it. I'm glad you did, friend." I opened my eyes. Then screamed.

His eyes were large and unblinking, and his smile was red. He had carved a smile into his face! His clothes were covered in blood, and then I passed out.

When I woke up I was at a dining room table. My knife was gone, and when I looked up, I saw people sitting at the table. It was my parents, Jeff's parents, his brother Liu, and my friends. They were all dead. With smiles carved into their faces and huge red cavities in their chests. The smell was unbearable, it's indescribable... unlike anything I had ever smelled before. It was the smell of death.

I tried to scream but I had a gag in my mouth and I was tied to a chair. I looked around at the room in disbelief. Tears were welling up in my eyes from the sight and smell of the bodies.

"Look who's finally awake."

I turned and looked beside me. Jeff was there. I tried screaming but the gag was in the way. Suddenly he was beside with the knife against my throat.

"Shhhhhhh, shush, shush, shush. It's not polite to scream at friends." he began sliding the blade across my face. Constantly tracing invisible lines from the corners of my mouth up my cheeks in a large grinning smile. I shivered as he did this. When I turned away from him he grabbed the back of my head and forced me to look at the scene at the table. "Now, now, don't be rude, you're insulting everyone by not looking at their pretty faces."

I looked back at the table, looking at everyone with their faces carved into smiles and some with their chests still bleeding fresh blood. Hot tears began running down my face and I began to sob.

"Awww what's wrong?" Jeff purred, "Are you upset that you don't look beautiful like them?"

I looked at him, trying to understand what he said. But I looked away when I saw his face again and looked back to the table.

"Don't worry, I'll make you look beautiful too. What do you say?" he then slid the knife under the gag and cut it off.

I spat out the gag and looked at him straight in his eyes, trying to hold his gaze. He tilted his head to the side as he looked back at me. Then I shut my eyes and looked away from him. Then I muttered darkly, "Go f yourself." then I turned to look at him again, "You Joker reject!"

He just laughed in my face. I preferred it when he just smiled.

"You're even funnier than I thought."

He came closer to me. I looked away again, feeling his breath against my skin.

"Friends do Friends favors right? Well I'm going to do a favor for you."

I felt him let go of the back of my head. When I looked back he was out of the room. I looked back at the table once more, taking it all in. Fresh tears started to come down my face again as I remembered my family and friends who were alive only a few hours ago. I was still crying when Jeff came back.

"Don't cry." he said, "It'll be all over soon."

I looked down at him and saw he was holding a jug of bleach and a can of gas.

My eyes widened and I looked back at him.

"I didn't have any alcohol, so this will have to do."

Then he began to douse me in bleach and gasoline.

"We had better hurry, Jane. I've already called the firemen."

Then he held up a single match.

Lit it.

Then threw it at me.

The flames erupted as soon as the match came into contact with me. I screamed as loud as possible. The pain was unbearable. I could feel the flesh melting off my body, the heat invading every pore in my body. Blood evaporating in its veins, and my bones becoming charred and brittle.

Before I blacked out, I heard Jeff laughing, "See you later my friend! I hope you become as beautiful as I am! AHAHAHAHA!"

Then everything went black.

When I woke up I was sitting in a hospital bed, bandaged from head to toe. Everything was spinning, and it hurt to blink, and breathe.

I looked around and saw an empty room. I groaned loudly because my mouth was bandaged. Everything hurt. A nurse came in a few minutes later.

"Jane? Can you hear me?"

I looked towards her. The room started spinning even more.

"Jane, I'm your nurse, Jackie, I don't know how to say this but, you family died in the fire. I'm sorry."

Tears started falling down my face again. I sobbed.

"No honey, don't cry. You won't be able to breathe if you do."

I couldn't stop.

"Jane I'm going to give you something to help you calm down alright?"

I felt something run into my blood stream, then I fell asleep again.

When I woke up again I could move more and my body wasn't as bandaged as it was when I first woke up. I looked around and saw that my room had flowers in it. Some were fresh, some were dying. I tried to get up but a nurse came in and put me back down.

"Easy Jane, you've been asleep for a while. Try to take it easy."

I tried to speak. My voice came out rough, and sand-papery. "How, how long was I asleep?"

"Almost 2 weeks. You were put in a medically induced coma in order for your body to heal. I'm the same nurse you saw the first time you woke up."

"Give me a mirror." I said.

"Jane, I don't think that's wi-"


I felt the handle of a mirror get slipped into my hand. When I looked into the mirror I dropped in onto the floor. The shattering of the mirror didn't compare to the shattering of my realization. My skin was leathery and brown, I didn't have a single hair on my head, and the skin around my eyes were saggy. I looked almost as bad as Jeff.

Everything came flooding back for me. I began to cry harder than I ever had before. The nurse was hugging me but it didn't help much. At the height of my sobbing, I was surprised that nobody else came in to check up on me. By the time I was done, I could barely speak.

Someone came into the doorway.

"Excuse me, I have a delivery for a 'Miss Arkensaw'?"

"I'll take those." Jackie stood up and went to the doorway. I didn't want the delivery guy to look at me so I stared at the wall in front of me.

"Someone certainly cares about you Jane. It looks like the same person who sent you all these flowers got you a package too."

I looked around at her. She was holding a pink paper package tied with brown string. I reached out and took it from her. The second I took that package from her I knew something was wrong.

"Excuse me but, could I have something to eat?" I asked as sweetly as possible.

"Of course, I'll get you some food right away." Jackie smiled back, then left the room.

My hands shook as I grabbed the string and pulled it. The paper lightly bounced up and I saw something that turned my blood to ice. It was a white mask with black around the eyes and a black feminine smile. It also had black lace covering the eye holes of the mask, so even though someone couldn't see my eyes, I could see them. There was also a long, black dress with a turtle neck, black gloves, and a black wig with beautiful curls. Along with all these things, there was a bouquet of black roses and a sharp kitchen knife.

Attached to the mask there was also a note:

'"Jane, I'm sorry I messed up with trying to make you beautiful. So I gave you a mask that will let you seem beautiful until you get better. Also you forgot your knife, I thought you would want it back."'

'-Jeff '

By the time nurse Jackie came back, the present was hidden under my bed. I told her all that was there was the flowers. She seemed to be disgusted by them so she threw them out. I thanked her for that.

That night, when everyone was either asleep or gone home, I sneaked out. The only thing I had to wear was that dress. So I put it on and I found a pair of shoes outside in the hallway, forgotten by some careless nurse. I wore the wig to look less inconspicuous.

I didn't know where I was going, and I didn't care. When I finally stopped walking, I was in front of a cemetery. I went inside and found two tombstones. Isabelle Arkensaw and Gregory Arkensaw. I sat down in front of their tombstones and cried once more. When I finally sat up, the sun was beginning to rise, and so was a new chapter in my life. I took the mask and put it on. Then picked up the knife and held it as tightly as I did before. Then I turned around and looked at the rising sun, on that day I swore my revenge against Jeff the Killer and donned my new name "Jane Everlasting". For I want the only thing to be more everlasting for Jeff than his madness to be his death.

Ever since that day I have been trying to find Jeff and kill him.

Hunting him.

Hunting him like the animal he is.

I will find you Jeff, and I will kill you.

So, this is my story. Whether you accept it as fact is not up for me to decide. Now if you excuse me, the sun is going down, and the hunt is beginning once more

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