My best friend, Slenderman

Chapter 1


I remember my grandmother very well. I guess you can say that I remember her more than my own mother, when I think about it I remember her more than any other of my family members. When I was about 7 or 8 I went to my grandmothers house every Saturday for cookies.
She was the kindest person I knew at that time. I remember being so sad when she had to move to that god awful hospital. After she moved there I started seeing her less and less. It changed from being every Saturday, to every other Saturday, and from that was once a month. But it changed from that to every day when I met... him.

I was only a child at that age so you'll excuse me if the description is a bit off. He wore a suit and was very tall. There was nothing odd about him except for that I couldn't remember how his face looked like except he was very pale, I was never a "look at peoples face when they talked to me" kind of type.

I remember the first time we met, he looked at me with that pale face and asked me if I was new here. I responded with a yes and said that I wasn't like the other kids, which was weird since I never saw any other kids around the hospital, probably because of the smell of old people that was there.

He said that his name was Mark and he was even more kinder than my grandma. Mark was a fun guy, we spent hours pranking on the old people. Some pranks were a bit... weird but fun all the same. Sometimes I even forgot that I had a grandmother! But of course I still went to see her a few times, and when I did Mark didn't really get to proud.

Until one day when I told my parents that I was going to see grandma they look'd at me with despair on their faces and said "grandma isn't at the hospital". I said that it didn't matter, just that they would tell me where she had moved and I would go there! They didn't know that I wasn't going to meet her but was rather going to meet up with Mark, but as they didn't know where I was really going... I didn't know what was really going on.

A year passed from my grandmas death. I was sad for two things: one of them was that I would never get to meet her or eat her freshly baked pies, and that I couldn't see Mark anymore cause I only went to grandmas as an excuse to see Mark. It wasn't until I became 10 years old that I finally got the courage to ask how my grandmother died. Seeing how I grew from my prankster stage to being the innocent little girl I am, I didn't exactly know how death worked. They told me that she "fell" from her window.

I was 12 when I met Mark again. I met him when my father got hit his car into what we believed to be tree branches and was moved to the same hospital I had met Mark... and the same hospital my grandma died. He wasn't exactly as interested in me as he was all those years ago. I believed that to be because I was getting older and Mark didn't like old people. And although he didn't like old people he hated grown up people! I wasn't really sure why but I remember him mentioning something about them never leaving him alone.

We pulled a bunch of pranks on some people the entire day but people kept blaming me for all the things that happened to the old people as if they didn't see Mark. Which was really odd since he was about 2 times bigger than they were and almost impossible to not notice! He told me that he could choose the people that could see him and that he would show me how to do that if I would come to his house. I SHOULD HAVE SAID NO!

He took me to the forest that was right between the hospital and the playground. I asked him if he had a home... why was he always at the hospital, he waited for a second as if he was thinking of what to say, but he said that it was so he could see me. We walked for about half an hour when we finally arrived into his house which looked just like a normal old shed. We walked in to it and Mark slammed the door behind me!

He cried angrily "Why didn't you come to visit me?!". I was terrified. I had never seen this side of Mark before! I mumbled something, I don't remember what exactly. It was then when he let out that terrifying screech! I looked away from him as fast as I could while holding my ears.... I wish I hadn't.

What I saw was the most disturbing thing I had ever seen, there were limbs everywhere! From children if I'd have to guess. I started crying, and as soon as I started crying the screeching stopped. I slowly looked up at Mark and asked him:

"Are... are you going to do that to me?"

He just stood there, looking at me. Almost as if I had hypnotized him. I made a run for it to the door, but it was no use. He had picked me up with his what looked like tentacles! I screamed hoping that someone would come to my rescue... nobody came. I woke up at the hospital with my mother asleep on the chair beside my bed. I spent my childhood debating if that ever happened or not.

It wasn't until on my 31st birthday that I re-gained my faith in Mark... if that's even his real name. When he stole my 5 year old child Lucy. I never found her. And now I wait here on the same place I hoped I'd never end up in as I wait for my death and watch him from the hospital bed...


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