Forces of Darkness ( An Original Group Story )

Lilith ,the only Banshee left in a world filled with darkness, and her friends Matt( the vampire/faery), Zora (the elf), Raine (the mermaid), and Corvyn ( the faery) embark on an epic journey to end all forces of darkness. These forces of darkness are attempting to wipe out all the good in their world, they kill the beings who live there one by one each night. In the morning they'll discover a new dead body, every single day. Will Lilith and her friends be able to end the forces of the dark?

Chapter 36

Corvyn Kard, Faery Boy

by: FaeryGirl
Zora was alive, and so was Raine. I felt incredibly releived as I ran towards the place where the others were. "They're alive!" I called to Matt, who was sitting quietly nearby. Lilith was sleeping next to him. Both of them looked exhausted.

"What?" Judging from the shock in his voice, Matt hadn't considered the possibility of them living at all.

Lilith awoke and sat up, looking startled. "Raine! Zora!" she cried, her surprise changing to relief. She scrambled to her feet. "I thought we'd lost you two for good."

"No, we're still alive and kicking," confirmed Zora, sitting down.

"I'm so glad!" exclaimed Matt. "We were all so worried, and Corvyn in particular..." he broke off, glancing at me. "The important thing is that you two are safe."

I closed my eyes, feeling extremely tired of all the excitement and madness. There was no point in denying that I had been extraordinarily upset, but I hardly understood it myself. My family would give up on me altogether if they found out I had been crying, I thought, and then I remembered that my family was in severe trouble right now and the chances of them finding out were ten to one.

"Zora's injured," Raine announced, glancing at her. "She's got a huge cut across her forehead. Will someone do something?"

I looked at Zora, startled. Her hair was in her eyes, and it wasn't the brightest of days, but when I actually looked closely I discovered that Raine was right.

"Calm down, Raine, it's not that bad," Zora soothed her. "Elves heal quickly."

"That could have got to your brain, though," Raine persisted. "You saved my life, and if you are permanently injured because of this, I'll blame myself."

"I'm not permanently injured, Raine," Zora assured her.

"You should at least get that washed and bandaged," I decided. "In fact, I think we should go back to the naiads' place, and have them check it out, just in case. The naiads are excellent healers."

"Go back to the naiad's place and tell them that we left before they told us to and Zora almost died?" Matt shook his head impatiently. "We can't just leave and then go crawling back to them for help, Corvyn. They'll think us positively stupid."

I was furious. I couldn't blame Matt, though; this, in my opinion, was definitely Lilith's fault. It had been her idea to leave. For a moment. I considered going back by myself and telling the naiads that Lilith had made us all come with her. At least, that way, they would send someone to bring Zora back to the naiad's place, and she'd be safer. And yet...I'd agreed, and I'd rather liked the idea at the time. No one could have predicted it would go this badly.

Or had it gone badly? We'd saved Raine's life, and Zora was still alive.

Matt's words echoed in my mind; I trust her with my life...that means I trust her more than I trust you, you emotional, cowardly excuse for a faery. I couldn't blame him; that actually described me pretty well.

"Hello, Corvyn! Are you still awake?" demanded Raine, and I jerked out of my thoughts.

"What did you say again, Lilith?" I asked.

"I didn't say anything," responded Lilith, rolling her eyes. "Matt just said that he thinks it would be stupid to go back to the naiads and say 'hey, we just decided to disobey and leave before you told us to, and now Zora's injured.' "

I laughed. "I'd rather be considered immature and hasty for leaving and returning than watch Zora die of an infected head-injury." I stated it lightly and cheerfully, as if I was talking about flowers and cookies instead of Zora and death. I'd been more emotional during the past few hours than I'd ever been in my entire life, and I was desperately trying to pull myself together.

"Besides," I added, "Zora isn't dead yet, and we saved Raine's life. They aren't completely unreasonable, and they would probably understand that more harm than good came out of this, if you calculate it out. Anyway, we have to go somewhere, because we'll all starve if we just sit here and stare at the sky for the rest of our lives."

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