Forces of Darkness ( An Original Group Story )

Lilith ,the only Banshee left in a world filled with darkness, and her friends Matt( the vampire/faery), Zora (the elf), Raine (the mermaid), and Corvyn ( the faery) embark on an epic journey to end all forces of darkness. These forces of darkness are attempting to wipe out all the good in their world, they kill the beings who live there one by one each night. In the morning they'll discover a new dead body, every single day. Will Lilith and her friends be able to end the forces of the dark?

Chapter 3

Raine- The Mermaid

It's crazy. How can a mermaid live on land like a normal person without drying out?
I'm actually more human then mermaid, which means I have more human quaIities. I can walk like a human, but sadly with some difficulty, meaning I get made fun of a lot.
I wobbled through the hallway, struggling to walk at a normal pace.
The bell would ring in less than a minute, and I wasn’t as close as I would of liked to have been to my destination.
“Hey, scales!” exclaimed a pale kid on the opposite side of the hallway, hanging out by the lockers.
I looked down and carried on without a glance at him and his huge group of friends. With a sigh, I couldn’t help wishing that my father had fallen in love with a normal human instead of a random mermaid who happened to wash up on shore during a hurricane.
Maybe I could have had more friends if I wasn’t such a klutz,I thought.
In the distance, my first period hallway came into view and I approached the classroom as soon as the bell rang.
The teacher was in the front of the classroom, writing something on a rather large board, with a red ink. ( I don’t know very much about the human world, since I have lived most of my years with my mother, so be patient. I am learning.)
“Where are we supposed to sit?” I asked a pretty girl with bleached blonde hair sitting in the front of the classroom.
The girl opened her mouth to reply, but the teacher interrupted.
“Sit wherever you want!” she bellowed with a deep, foreign accent.
I glanced over to the direction the voice had come from; I wish I could describe her, but there are no words that can match her… appearance.
Swiftly, I dropped my pile of papers and books on the desk and uncomfortably shifted into the seat.
“Um, what’s your name?” I asked the girl who sat next to me.
Strangely, the girl paused before answering my question.
“Amanda?” she replied, making her response sound like a question.
“I’m Raine. It’s nice to meet you.”
Amanda didn’t reply, but she moved her pile of school supplies over to the opposite desk and turned her back on me.
I sighed. I knew it wouldn’t be easy to get accepted at this school.
My thoughts faded back to a year ago.
/”Raine, you have the choice of whether you would like to stay with your mother or move with me to land, for a better chance of life.” my father whispered in my ear.
“I don’t want to leave mother!” I had exclaimed.
“You can stay here if you wish,” he replied.
“I want to live with you!”
“Then come with me,” he answered./
Shortly after that, we left to go to land, and I never fully adapted to it.
Maybe I would never fit in here.
I faced the front of the room and rested my elbow on the desk.
My name is Raine and I am part mermaid, part human. I really don’t belong here, living in an entirely different dimension from the ocean.
The only family I now have is Skye, living in the depths of the ocean, alone. Sadly, I know I will never see her again. Mother and Father are gone, whisked away, never to be seen again.

This is not where I belong.

Sorry, I know my story was not great. I didn't expect it to actually be this hard, so please don't make fun of my story, even though it wasn't good.

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