Sweet dreams~

I-I made this s-story in my free time... H-Heh...

Chapter 1


My dreams would start off the same, but end differently..
That means I would suffer differently every time.
They start with me sitting on a hospital bed, nobody in the room. All lights are off, and there is no window. All I can hear is the "beeeeep" of the heart-rate monitor. I sit up, looking around. I swing my feet off of the hospital bed, wanting to get out.
My right arm goes numb.. Maybe it's just the feeling of my paralyzed arm.. maybe...
After that, it's all different... One time, I got up.. then just tripped and fell, landing on my left arm... I had screamed. It hurt like hell...
Another time, I made it out of the room, only to see my friends hung in the hallway, hanging from ropes on the lights..
I had kept suffering through dreams.. Then I just decided not to go to sleep anymore.
And here I am, tired as hell, getting all of this down. If I fall asleep, please remember me. I can't take these dreams anymore. They're horrifying. If I fall asleep, you won't be hearing from me again. I will end up like my friends in that one dream.

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