Chapter 1


O-Okay... J-J-Jeff, this i-is my story.. I-I know that you were wondering wh-where I was.. M-Mom and dad had me stay a-at the hospital.. I-I-I had been terribly s-sick.. and I c-c-couldn't even go outside... I-I had to stay there for years... and they di-didnt want anybody c-coming to v-v-visit...
S-So they didn't tell you... t-thinking that you would want to see me.. I-I apparently got s-sick easily.. N-not going a week without b-being sick.. W-when I was a-able to leave.. I w-was so happy... Nobody e-ever came to get m-me..
I-I found something.. It was an ne-newspaper article..
"The parents of Jeffrey and Liu Woods... Found murdered.. Liu was found dead as well, Jeffrey nowhere to be seen."
T-That's when I g-gave up.. My brothers.. I th-thought I'd never see them..
And then I f-found you.. and I-I was so happy.. After everything I h-had gone through.. My right arm being paralyzed, getting a scar on my neck f-from so-some doctor...
I-I'm so happy to have f-found you...


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