Sorry Everyone :)

Chapter 1

Hey :)

I believe I owe everyone here an apology. :) Lately I've been in a bit of a bad mood, and haven't been the nicest and sweetest I could be. I haven't been answering every message that I get, because I'm afraid I'll say something rude. I'm sorry, and I wont give you an excuse for my behavior, because I know it is better off if you don't know why, and it's personal...

I'd also like to truly apologize to Jayden for whatever it is is I got her so upset about. I honestly didn't mean to do anything, and I feel bad... You are a wonderful girl Jayden, and if I did anything at all to hurt you, please let me know, I wanna make things right with you, I don't want us to get in a big fight over some stupid mistake I've made like a big jerk. (My specialty) So, please find it in your heart to forgive me.

I'm sorry to everyone else too, for wasting your time with this, but I thought I should just get it out in the open. I know lately it seems I've been causing a lot of drama, with Wil and whatnot, that is why I am thinking of taking yet another longer break from Quibblo, I tell you it's not good for me, because I do admit, I sometimes see it as a place to just say whatever I want to, and complain. So, I think I'm better off to just kind of hide in the shadows for a while. Well, I'm sorry for all of this, thank you for listening, and good bye.


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