Just. Read.

Chapter 1


I think I'm leaving Quibblo yet again, and no, I'm not just trying to cause drama, I just feel betrayed by some of my friends. I am so mad! And I'm jealous! My only true and loyal friends on here are Delilah, and Jayden, and of course my sisters Mariah and Charlotte, and Amber, and Lexi. So if I leave it wont matter, because of course I'll still talk to Delilah since I know her, and Jayden because we're facebook friends, and my sisters because, well, their my sisters! DUH! I don't care if you get mad at me. Someone who I used to like was the one who broke the straw, someone I thought was my friend. Well, guess what bothers me? It does bother me when I lose a spot on someone's top friends, like I leave Quibblo, and come back, and I'm not there anymore, and they don't want to put me back up there, or when someone puts some person they hardly know higher than me on their top friends when I thought we were friends... Or when I see my "friends" commenting on other people's profiles telling them things like "You're beautiful, remember that!" And I'm sitting here like, "And I'm ugly? I guess so..." It also really bothers me when someone doesn't reply to me, and then acts like they thought I was the one who didn't reply, when in reality they just didn't reply because they're sick of talking to me. Yes, I have problems, these things EXTREMELY bother me, they bother me to the point where I just literally wanna delete and never come back, and have people talk about how stupid I am, and dumb, and mean, just because I want to have a reason to be mad at people. People act all like "oh you've changed!" Well here's a news flash for you, I DIDN'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm worse than I was before. Well, that's all. (And I know that NONE of you even care about this, so just go on living your lives, and I'll keep on being mad.) GOODBYE!


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