Alone in the Rain(Short poem)

Alone in the Rain(Short poem)

Welcome to the pain which is my life

Chapter 1


Why is it me that receives all the pain.
While the people i loved who betrayed me are dry of the rain.
I stand there in the heavy rain by myself hair dripping wet.
But they were able to find someone new and were able to forget.
Why is it always me who sheds a tear,
While they can enjoy life without any fear.
They get the warm sunlight and the happiness.
While i'm dripping wet and a big mess.
My heart is the one that always gets crushed into pieces.
Now i'm chained to his sadness like a dogs on their leashes.
Why is it me that always takes the fall...?
While they get to love and stand tall.
I'm just one person alone on a teeter totter.
My heart has been broken and my pride deep under water..


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