A Collection of Marvel One-Shots

I love Marvel and I've realized there aren't many one-shots. I've been on Quizilla.Com a lot and they have a lot but I can't write on the website because I have a phone only. So here you go!

Chapter 1

A Starry Night (A Steve Rogers/Captain America One-shot)

"You know,Ol, I think Cap might have a crush on you." Stark said eating blueberries while wagging his finger at me. I sighed and answered him, "Oh Stark. You're dreaming again." "No, I'm serious. The way he blushes hard when you come close to him, the way he stutters when you ask him a question and the way he always says your full name. He really likes you." "Bullcrap, Stark. I'm leaving." "Don't deny it!!" He screamed as I walked out  the room purposely squeaking my black converse. I decided to go talk to Natasha. She has the most sense.


"Hey Nat can we talk for a sec?" I said politely knocking on the door. She was shooting a dummy. "Sure. What about?" "I was talking to Stark and he said Steve had a crush on me." "Well it is true." "Nuh uh. Why do you guys keep saying that?!?! UGHHH!! Bye Nat." "Bye." I walked out annoyed and decided to ask all the other guys. Clint said yes, Bruce said yes, Thor said yes, Coulson said yes, Hill said yes and to my surprise even my dad Nick Fury said yes. I guess it's true. He always seemed  nervous around me. But I mean, I do too. No one can resist his tight abs, baby blue eyes, dirty blonde hair and gentle demeanor. He's a great guy. It's time to confront Steve.


I searched everywhere for Steve. I look in his bedroom, the kitchen, the livingroom, the gym but nothing. I'll just go out to the patio to look at the night sky. Before I went, I traveled to my room and grabbed my black hoodie it went along with my black converse, black gym pants and white T-shirt. I walked to  the patio and sighed as I watched the clouds dance across the sky each grabbing a partner. The moon never looked more beatiful. "Oh Steve. How I wish I could tell you my feelings." I said into the sky kinda disappointed. "Well what do you want to say?" I heard a voice say softly. "Probably that I really like him." I heard footsteps approach me and I got kinda scared. I really hope this person isn't Loki. I first saw a wide smile then blue eyes stare in to my dark brown ones. "Oh Steve. I-I didn't see you there. I'll give you your privacy." Oh no stay please. I was reading a book earlier then I dozed off. So do y-you really like me?" "Yeah." Steve walked closer to me and tucked in my.bang so my short black hair didn`t look odd. Steve must feel ballsy today. Then suddenly he kissed me gently on the lips. Surprised I leaned in, engaging myself fully in the kiss. He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer. The stars never looked brighter.


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