ShaggyRawkFist's book of good clean jokes

I'm writing a joke book for you guys, I hope you like it. ;-{)-

Chapter 3

Hare Spray

A man who loves animals was driving along when a rabbit ran out in front of his car, he slammed on his brakes and swerved, but still hit and killed the rabbit, and he stopped. Another man driving along, saw him sobbing over the dead rabbit, and stopped. "What's wrong?", the stranger asked. Still crying, the animal lover answered "I ran over this rabbit!". The stranger said 'Just a minute" ran back to his car, brought back an aerosol can, and sprayed the contents on the carcass. Shortly after, the rabbit came back to life, jumped up, hopped a little ways, turned back, and waved, hopped a little further, turned again, and waved. "What did you spray him with" the man asked. The stranger turned the can around to show the label "HARE SPRAY Restores dead hares and adds a permanent wave".

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