ShaggyRawkFist's book of good clean jokes

I'm writing a joke book for you guys, I hope you like it. ;-{)-

Chapter 15

Czech Please

Aboard a train in Chechoslovakia during the Russian occupation, there were a young Chechoslovakian man, an attractive young woman, an old woman, and a Russian officer. The train entered a tunnel and everything went dark and suddenly there was the sound of a kiss followed by a smack. When the train exited the tunnel, the Russian officer was holding his hand to his cheek. The old woman thought "That young woman has good morals, she slapped that Russian officer for kissing her". The young woman thought "That Russian officer kissed the old woman instead of me? That's strange." The Russian officer thought "That young Chechoslovakian man is clever, he steals a kiss and I get slapped!" The young man though "This is great, I kiss the back of my hand, clout a Russian officer, and get away with it!"

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