Chosen As Prey (The Damned)- Original Group Story

Chosen As Prey (The Damned)- Original Group Story

Kaylin, Thalia, AmberLynn, Tora, Seth and Aaron escaped the police. I know what you are thinking What crime did they commit? To your surprise, they have not. Well then why would the police be after them? It's not what they did, it's what they are! They are The Damned, no, that does not mean they are evil, not necessarily, but the police think they are! They are actually Magic Users who at birth are chose to possess a power at the age fifteen. What will happen? Read their story to find out!

Chapter 3


by: Grunge
I swore I wouldn't think about it again, that day. The horrible day that changed everything. But here I am now, allowing the memories to seep back into my helpless mind, letting them flood through the many mental barriers I put up. I swore I wouldn't think about it again, but I am.

That day was the end of my little sister's life. The poor girl was only 10 years old, she had her entire life ahead of her. She promised to herself that one day she'd become someone important, someone else than the peasant of a child she was; merely a little girl living in a tiny house with nothing but a few dolls and two parents who never had time for her because they were always working. They worked unbearably hard every single day just to put yet a scrap of food on the table. Then there's me, the only one left. I'm now the messed up 16 year old murderer who impulsivly killed our parents. That's right, you heard me, I killed my parents. And it wasn't out of pity which you think it might have been, instead it was out of anger, sadness, rage, and confusion. That day I lost myself just like I lost my sister. I am gone, dead aswell perhaps? I must be, but I am still alive. My soul is dead.

I can see that day replaying now in my head, like it's happening again. I'm re-living it. I can remember coming home after school, it was my 15th birthday. I dropped my backpack by the door like I always did and started to trudge down to my room. Something stopped me. I heard whispers, crying, small wails. My parents were in agony, but why? That was when I heard my sister's name and instantly my heart dropped. Something's happened to her, I thought as I then raced into the room where my parents were and demanded them to tell me what had happened. My mother wiped the tears from her ocean blue eyes, just like mine, and managed to squeak out a few pitiful words.

"She...she's dead, Seth...she's gone..." she trailed off and then continued to weep. My head began to spin at that point. I can remember feeling my fists clench, my blood rush, my teeth grit. My sister was dead.

"She was hit by a bus, we...we forgot to pick her up from school again. This time she tried to make her way home herself... and... and a bus hit her on the highway." my father's voice trembled. That was when I lost it. They let her die. They forgot to pick her up from school again, so she died. They let this happen.

It felt as if my head was exploding, I remember hearing myself scream as if it was in the distance, muffled almost. I saw my parents eyes widen, their heads twist, and they both started to wail. I was overcome with the most intense hatred and rage, and then I noticed their veins bulged and their bodies went spastic. That's when I relized that I was doing this to them, that made me clench my fists harder until I felt my nails stab into me. I felt my blood rush through me, I was so hot, so angry. I remember seeing my parents for the final time, letting out a last horrifying, blood curtling scream as I ended their lives. I saw them flail around violently, and twist in unatural ways. Their skin was breaking, their veins were bulging to an extreme size. Finally their skin ripped open and crimson blood rushed out of them and they dropped to the floor, dead. Their blood spattered against me and burned my skin, it was on was boiling. Everything went quiet then, no more screaming, and my head began to clear. I felt myself cool down and my fists unclench. Panting, I turned around and caught myself in the mirror behind me. In front of the remains of my distorted, bloodied, ripped apart parents I saw my face sprinkled with ruby red blood. Then I noticed my eyes, they were red, as red as the burning blood on my face and pooling under the dead bodies of my parents.

Wait a second, I thought, panicking. Am I a magic user!? This can't be happening! I darted out of the house, my stomach turning iniside me. Everything that had just happened was so imposible, so horrible. My feet thudded against the cold, hard ground. What was I suppose to do then? I'd just killed my parents, my sister was dead, and my eyes were red. Someone was bound to notice. I held back my tears and kept on running. Where was I even going? What was I doing? Surley this must be a dream, I had thought. Nothing this horrible could ever happen in real life, could it?

So now I'm living in an old rundown church, stealing things from little corner stores and wearing dark sunglasses. Surprisingly nobody has really noticed me yet. I'm waiting for something to happen, it's been a year ever since the worst day of my life and nothing else has happened. I don't even really know where I am. All I know is that I'm a murderer with no family and red eyes that nobody wants to see.

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