Chosen As Prey (The Damned)- Original Group Story

Chosen As Prey (The Damned)- Original Group Story

Kaylin, Thalia, AmberLynn, Tora, Seth and Aaron escaped the police. I know what you are thinking What crime did they commit? To your surprise, they have not. Well then why would the police be after them? It's not what they did, it's what they are! They are The Damned, no, that does not mean they are evil, not necessarily, but the police think they are! They are actually Magic Users who at birth are chose to possess a power at the age fifteen. What will happen? Read their story to find out!

Chapter 2

Aaron Allendale

by: FaeryGirl
I hesitated. This was bad; I couldn't have some random girl notice that I was a Magic User and walk away with that knowledge, or I'd be put in prison again. When a lot of people ganged up on me with guns and things, they generally could get me into prison, though I always put up the best fight possible. Then I noticed her eyes; they were purple.

"So are you," I grinned triumphantly.

"Y...Yeah, I am..." She looked very nervous, not without reason.

I laughed. I knew this area pretty well, it wasn't that dangerous. "Don't be afraid, no one's around and I wouldn't care much if they were, because I am a Magic User, and a pretty powerful one at that. That's how I escaped first from a lab, then from a top-security prison. Still, better be safe then sorry, eh?" I dropped my voice to a whisper. "My name's Aaron Allensdale, by the way."

"Uh... I'm Kaylin Tesseree..." she looked up at me shyly, still as if expecting me to suddenly turn into a policeman and march her off to a prison, but with more confidence than before.

"You'd better stay at my hideout until it's safer to travel, then. Here." I went to the stairs and began carefully prying up one of the wide steps. It came up easily, revealing a four-foot drop which seemed a lot deeper in the darkness. "That's my hiding place," I explained quietly. "There's actually some furniture down there. Some of it was there when I found it, others I...well, stole, from some rich old man who has enough money to have two balconies and a cupola, so I guess he can spare it. We'll need to..." I paused. "Do you think you could jump down there safely, or are you scared of heights?"

"I think I can jump," she replied steadily, and peered down into the darkness, calculating the distance.

"Good," I replied. "Wait a minute." I stood still for a moment, and then, very suddenly, I was gorilla. That was my ability; I could turn into any animal I wanted. I picked up the step which I had removed and jumped lightly into the hole. Then I turned back into myself. It wasn't half so deep as it looked; in fact, it only came up to my shoulders, but still, it was a rather abrupt drop into a very dark place.

"The closer the thing I'm turning into is to humans, the easier it is for me to turn into it," he explained, "And I took the step with me so that I can close the entrance after we've come in, by the way. Your turn to jump in."

She jumped in, the fall wasn't so deep, but darkness overwhelmed the area. She teetered for a moment but regained her balance quickly and laughed.

laughed with her, and then paused. "And I hope you don't mind low, cramped, dark places," I added, somewhat anxiously, "Because we'll have to pass through a tunnel that is the very definition of one in order to reach the real room. There's only one room other than this tunnel, but that one is pretty decent."

"Okay," she said after she stood completely.

I carefully started walking through the tunnel, which was so low I had to bow my head. After a moment, we emerged in a small dark room. Really dark. I felt my way to the lamp that stood on the table by my bed and turned it on. It had been quite a well-made hideout for someone long, long ago, so there was an electric socket; I still couldn't quite understand my luck in finding it.
The lamplight shone forth dustily, revealing my 'room'. There was an ancient, battered old bed in the corner and a large table in the middle of it. There were two deck-chairs to the right of the room, looking very out of place, and three smaller tables standing randomly around the room.

She looked at the electric outlet with some disbelief. I smiled slightly. She was reacting to it more calmly than I had when I had found it.

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