Chosen As Prey (The Damned)- Original Group Story

Chosen As Prey (The Damned)- Original Group Story

Kaylin, Thalia, AmberLynn, Tora, Seth and Aaron escaped the police. I know what you are thinking What crime did they commit? To your surprise, they have not. Well then why would the police be after them? It's not what they did, it's what they are! They are The Damned, no, that does not mean they are evil, not necessarily, but the police think they are! They are actually Magic Users who at birth are chose to possess a power at the age fifteen. What will happen? Read their story to find out!

Chapter 1

Kaylin Tesseree

"Kaylin, you need to hide your face!" My best friend said, staring wide eyed at me through her glasses.
"Why?" I asked, shocked Melody would say such a thing.
"Listen Violet, do you want the police to see you? Your eyes just turned purple!"
How can my best friend be part of The Damned! I heard.
"/What?/" I paused, realizing how loud I was, my voice turned into a whisper, "/The Damned?/ Why would you say I am part of them!/"
"I didn't say that!"
"Yes you did Melody!"
"I...I thought it..."
I covered my eyes, "Where do I go, I am believing you Melody!"
"Hurry Violet!"
"Don't call me Violet!"
"People will be calling the police if they see your purple eyes!"
Where would I go? We are in the middle of Gym class! There is no where to run or hide!

My eyes burst open and I shot up in my bed, breathing heavily. I sighed and stood up, I turned the light on and looked in the mirror hopefully, Nope I thought, I'm still Violet. I realized fell asleep while studying, why does cyber school have to be so boring, and why does my cyber school make me complete summer school? Why can't I be normal and go to school and when I go outside why do I have to wear sunglasses? Just because I am different doesn't mean I am evil, so why call us The Damned?
It was seven o clock PM and I heard reckless noise in the hotel kitchen/dinning room area. I ran to find my parents and sister holding my backpack and some of my belongings, "Mom, Dad! What's going on?" I demanded.
"You need to leave Kaylin, the police are a few floors away, you need to leave!" Susan said.
"You were reported! Now take this and go out the back window, climb down the fire escape and run!" My mother gave me my pack.
I had on dark clothes, dark blue jeans, a black shirt and a dark grey and purple beanie from an event I went to when I was younger. I hugged them all and she'd a few tears then ran with my sunglasses on.
I got to the fire escape and climbed down, there is an old train station that is abandoned, I remember it from when my parents drove the rental car to the board walk when we got lost, Hmph, some way to end a vacation! I thought as I ran.

I finally got to the subway station and ran down the stairs, I looked back at the sunlight I wasn't sure I would see again and then continued my jog desending into the darkness awaiting what I would find. I felt myself go forward when I slipped on a wet stair, but when I thought I'd feel an explosion of pain, I felt only a small amount. I felt someone pull me up, even with how dark it was I saw flaming red hair and bright green eyes, "Are you okay?" A voice that sounded no older than me asked, I didn't respond, "Blast the rain! I've slipped on those stairs, too, more times than I like to think about!" A truck passed, it's headlights sounded not the subway station, revealing the boy with red hair, green eyes and a cheerful smiled, the light dimmed again, "So, what are you doing out so late at night? I basically live here, but it's awfully dark out and these stairs are not exactly safe, as you may have noticed."
When he was talking at first his eyes were green, but they changed to blue, then dimmed to black, then came to a brown then brightened to a gold, they were hypnotizing! That's when I realized, I could tell him what I am, but before I said anything, I said "You're a Magic User!"

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