An Original Group Story.

A group of friends encounter an orb. They learn the orb is one of twelve they need to find before a dark Lord finds them and uses them to destroy human kind. To help them, a store clerk undercover give all of the teens weapons with different powers.

Chapter 1

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The weapons available are....

The broad sword it has the powers of light and flight.

The axe has the power of flame and to be vulnerable to fire.

The daggers have the power of water and the power to breathe underwater.

And finally... The Zambacto (huge sword) that wields the power of lightning.

My character....

Name: Sam Johnson
Age:16 (has to be)
Power and weapon: powers of dark and flight and a scythe.
Gender: Male
Appearance: long shaggy black hair,tan,buff
Love: I need a love ask me if you want to.
Personality: brave, serious, flirty, ,clever, and kind of boneheaded.


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