Stuff that I am NOT allowed to do at Hogwarts

With addition of my friends, the rules that have been set that prevent us from having fun at this school.

My professors said that this would be a good idea to remind me what is allowed and what is not.

Chapter 1


by: 68687
1. Under no circumstances am I allowed to bewitch all of the hot people's clothing in the school to turn invisible whenever I look at them.
2. Charming my hair to turn into carrots and snacking on it in class is not allowed.
3. Neither is making my textbooks chocolate flavoured either.
4. Don't set a parade of clowns loose in the school.
5. No goblin wars are to be reenacted.
6. No singing at the top of my lungs the anthem of Mexico whist on top of the Slytherin table.
7. Neither am I allowed to sing the Anthem of Prussia, Hetalia or not, regardless of the 'Awesomeness'.
8. No one cares about the ending of the latest Supernatural episode, most of the students do not know what it is.
9. No speaking in only Spanish for the day.
10. As well as no German, Japanese, Russian, Old Norse, Nahualt, or any other language besides English for that matter.
11. No eggs are to be exploded. Ever.
12. Do not test the mentality of my professors, and do not try to outsmart them.
13. Do not demand to be recognized as the Empire of Prussia during my History of Magic class.
14. No calling humans dumb.
15. No pudding is to be eaten outside of the Great Hall.
16. No sacrificing pudding to my Lord and Saviour, Tom Hiddleston either. Just eat the pudding.
17. No porn is to be showed to the first years.
18. No use of dungbombs. Ever.
19. Under any circumstances, my are not to declare December Fourth as International Alea Day, regardless of how 'awesome' my birthday is.
20. No Doctor Who marathons on Sunday, because I won't stop speaking Gallifreyan on Monday.
21. No Supernatural.
22. Or Sherlock.
23. No deducing the lives of anyone, regardless of how 'badass' I feel.
24. No Purple Hair for Everyone day.
25. No screaming in the middle of anything because of a fanfiction I read.
26. No fake blood, ever again.
27. No Slytherin is the Best Day.
28. No tomatoes. Never again.
29. No making my nose bleed and two seconds before whispering Hail Satan at a random first year.
30. No Tom Riddle's Good Looks Appreciation Day.
31. No Appreciation of Good Looks Day on that matter.
32. No making a Wizarding Anthem.
33. Howlers from family or friends are prohibited.
34. No Appreciate How Awesome I Am Day.
35. Do not make holograms of past professors.
36. No becoming the Weasley Twins II
37. No crying over fictional characters.
38. No threatening to murder someones first born child.
39. No Alcohol is to be within twenty five feet of me
40. Same rule for Marijuana
41. Or any type of drug for that matter
42. No blasting heavy metal music as loud as it will go and claiming its my study music.
43. No swearing at family or friends.
44. Do not call teachers bastards with a cactus in their ass
45. Do not break these rules, ever.


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