Bella & Andre chapter 1

tragic (yet not so tragic) love story

Not sure why there's all those weird A's....wouldnt let me fix them either
If i get 2 positive comments i'll do the next chapter

Chapter 1

The Dream

I was somewhere hot and dusty. The ground was mad of hard, cracking clay. I wore my loose, bulky camouflage pants and a dirt stained t-shirt.
In front of me stood the love of my life, Bella. She stood undisturbed by the whipping of the wind against her cheeks and her beautiful ocean-blue eyes did not squint despite the blaring hot sun, they were filled with terrified tears.
“She is perfect.” I thought, “But why the tears?”
Her silky chestnut waves fell just below her shoulders.
Her soft, pale lips were fixed into a slim line. She looked disturbed and afraid.
I opened my mouth to ask her what was wrong but no words came. I held out my hand and silently begged her to take it but she didn’t, she looked stiff and in pain; something, no- some one was hurting her holding her back.
Maybe if I could just hold her, maybe a kiss, yes, that might take that paranoid, troubled look from her eyes. I wanted to let her know that whatever was worrying her, whatever scared her, I would kill it I would make it pay for upsetting my innocent Angel.
I moved a step closer to her. She never moved or took those sad blue eyes from my face.
Now she looked up slightly and fixed her eyes on mine.
I reached up to touch her face, she made no response.
As soon as I touched her I regretted it, because at the mere collision of her delicate skin against mine she began to disappear, As if in slow-motion the brisk desert wind swept her up like sand and carried her away. Bella’s deep blue eyes never seemed to blink just stared, with an afraid and far away look. Now, where Bella had stood just a moment ago, was a different woman. She had short black hair with bangs and piercing green eyes.

Suddenly, there was a loud crash…
“BELLA!!” I screamed as I bolted up straight in a cold sweat. The loud crash he had heard was his medic’s textbook falling from his lap as he sat up.
It was just a dream. Just a terrible nightmare- not real.
“What’s the matter?” cried my room-mate, Drew as he sprinted into the living room.
“I’m fine. Bad…dream.” I answered nodding to myself as a finished the last word.
It was just a dream.
“You sure?”
“Yeah, how long was I asleep?”
“Almost an hour, you looked worn out so I didn’t want to wake you up.”
I looked at the clock- 6:30.
“Man, that was a weird dream.” I said shaking my head trying to get those sad-looking eyes out of my head.
“The same one as usual, about Bella. Every time I fall asleep I have that nightmare.” I added.
Drew commented, “Maybe you should see a doctor or something.”
“No, I’m fine I just need to do something to get my mind off her. She’s all I can think about lately.”
“Well, Adriana and I are going dancing tonight; you think you could find a date?” Drew smiled suggestively.
“I don’t know…like who?”
“Can you find someone or not?”
“OK, OK, I’ll find someone, but I’m not staying out all night.”
“You always were goodie-two-shoes, but fine I’ll make sure you’re home before 11.” Drew replied teasingly.
“Hey, I have studying to do!” I argued glancing towards the open textbook that I had left on the floor beside the sofa.
“Sure. Just let me know if you change your mind.”
“In fact, I think I’ll go get my date right now! “ I said sticking my chin out defiantly. I grabbed my keys and went out to my truck.
“Jeez, Drew always knows how to get me fired up about the stupidest stuff.” I said to myself once I was alone in the car.
On the way to Rosa Lawson’s house, I had to keep telling myself to focus on my driving. But it was impossible; Bella was consuming all my thoughts. It was almost as if she hadn’t been shot in a gang shooting three years ago; almost like she was here with me and telling my to forget everything else and just hold her.


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