So, i know i make a lot of these, but i get bored and i want to make a Dead Time Stories(the TV show based off the books) Group Story!

Chapter 1

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The Secret Life of Mary

Mary is a doll that a group of friends won at summer camp challenge, the guys aren't happy about it, but the girls are cool about it, they decided to switch it back and forth, since their team did win and its a trophy of sorts.
But there is more to Mary, have you ever heard the story about Bloody Mary's doll? The doll kills, she comes with a sign, it reads 14 on it, the group has to destroy the doll before it kills the group, but, Mary keeps returning!

We definitely need a babysitter who reads the book to the kids, she (I want it to be a girl) adds the comedy in the story all the time!
We need two boys and two girls for this story, well, two boys and one more girl, since my character will be one of those girls!
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Deadtime Story Character or Babysitter

My character
Kerri Hollist
14 (plz make the characters 14)
Character In the Deadtime Story
Stubborn, creative, sarcastic, tomboy
Light brown hair, curly hair, green eyes, tanned skin
Boys and babysitter are the only spots left


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