Sleepless Nights - Original Story

And another one :D I really like this heheh

Chapter 1


"Please stop crying."
"Please stop screaming."
I roll over in my bed and stare at the wall.
"Please stop," I repeat, my own tears beginning. I close my eyes tightly and hold my breath.
I resume my jagged breathing. She screams again, louder. Screaming curses and accusations, that soon dissolves into hysterical sobbing.
I cover my ears, but that makes her scream louder. Her voice sounds coarse.
"I can't help you," I sit up, crying now.
"I'm sorry." She half sobs half shrieks at that. Believe me, I'm sorry.
I pull myself out of bed, I feel like collapsing, I can't take another night of this.
I walk outside, I don't bother with a flashlight, I know where everything is by now.

She makes a choking sob as I approach her.
Maybe if I join her she'll stop, I think to myself as I kneel down in front of her grave and beg her to quiet down.


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