Rant Book (I update every new chapter)

Yes, I am going to start a rant book because too many things annoy me and I feel the need to share my rage.

I am going to totally rage out in these rants. They will be REALLY HARSH and I dont care if I offend people, these things have to be said. You have been warned.

Chapter 2

Feminism: Or rather, Fake Feminists I've Seen on the Internet

Warning: This WILL offend some people but I feel like it needs to be said because this movement means a lot to me and it annoys me when people ruin it.

You may or may not know this: I am a feminist. Now, we dont exactly have a good reputation. But the reason for it is because these days, as well as some really GOOD feminist figures we also have a load of pampered kids who have probably never picked up a f--king text book on feminism in their lives trying to call themselves 'feminists' when in reality they're all a bunch of misandrists complaining about how their man doesn't cater to their every whim.

Look girls, feminism means that we just want women to be equal to men. Equal pay, equal reputation, equal respect. We want this patriarchy destroyed. Just because I am a feminist it does NOT mean that I want the preferencial (is that how you spell it?) treatment that you chicks seem to want. We're not building matriarchy here folks. Thats just as bad.

On fb or tumblr I see countless text posts of women insult guys for no good reason and everyone's agreeing with it. There's a post where a guy just says how awkward it is to get a b-ner in public for no reason then this girl randomly posts on it "Oh boo hoo! Thinking of my naked grandma wont suck the blood back into my v !" And Im just like... that wasnt asked for at all. He never said anything about girls. And everyone's like "Hehe its f--king funny isnt it just cause he's a man. And he's priviliged. And he's white. So its okay to offend him-" SHUT THE F--K UP NO ITS NOT! Reverse the genders, races and s-xuality and you have an insane s--tstorm!

Or how about when these fakes complain "why are we being so s-xualized in adverts?" but then you scroll down their tumblr dashboard and see a pic of some hot guy next to a salad butt naked then they're all like "yeaaaah now thats how you sell healthy eating".

Or, what annoys me most is, okay girls, I have periods. All girls have periods. But its not the WORSE thing that can happen to you. Admittedly, its different for every girl. Im willing to admit that. But I've been physically sick from pain on mine, I've been screaming, crying, yelling, from emotional pain as well as physical. I've had unimaginable headaches, and more embarassingly, people saw it quite few times, yet I still had to go to school, get on with life no matter HOW much pain I was in. My family just seem to have a genetic of bad periods. Im not saying, NO HELP AT ALL FOR YOU but I saw a post on fb where it says "Dudes, when your girl is on her period, tuck her into bed, clean the house, cook the food, make sure its her favourite meal, rub her tummy, cuddle her, take the plates back down etc." For f--k's sake we're not THAT weak, GOD. Thats actually the opposite of what we want people to think. We want to prove that we dont need a strong man to take care of us. That we can be independent.

Dont make posts complaining about how we shouldn't be obliged to go to school when we're on our period. I mean geez, here in these 1st world countries we have modern medicine, we have lotions, pills etc. We also have food and water without having to travel miles. We also have feminism. And you STILL complain. Some women in other countries while on periods have to run around for their husband, travel miles for food and water, run around after their kids all with NO MEDICINE in intense pain.

Also, thats like saying, "we get to skip school because we're women." remember EQUALITY. Not "Equality when it suits me."

So, in conclusion, if you wanna be a true feminist; be one. If you don't then don't but DO NOT s--t over everything we stand for!!!

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