Rant Book (I update every new chapter)

Yes, I am going to start a rant book because too many things annoy me and I feel the need to share my rage.

I am going to totally rage out in these rants. They will be REALLY HARSH and I dont care if I offend people, these things have to be said. You have been warned.

Chapter 1


Where the hell do I begin? Well trust me guys. I cant STAND those who constantly call others poseurs. I cant STAND those elitists who always think they know more about metal and genres than everyone else. I cant STAND those people who ask you to name 5 songs by a certain band that aren't popular just to prove you are a 'true fan'. Trust me, it takes A HELL OF A LOT for me to label someone a 'poseur'. HOWEVER, there is ONE person in my life who I can safely say... is an annoying f--king poser. Or poseur. Or however the f--k you spell it.

I've liked metal, metalcore, rock, indie since I was 12. By now, most people IRL know. I get ridiculed for it a lot but ya know, Im used to it by now, I can just give the middle finger.

Anyway, this girl had said on countless occasions that she found my fave genre of music stupid and Black Veil Brides was the only band that she could stand. I respected her opinion (its hard for a fangirl to do... trust me) and went on with my life. Then her friends join the 'emo' (what the f--k even is that?!) scene... and she suddenly changes! Now her fave bands are suddenly Pierce the Veil, Black Veil Brides, Bring Me the Horizon, Asking Alexandria, almost all the bands she was dissing before and she gets all this damn attention!

She even proclaimed to be an Iron Maiden fan and bought the t shirt. I wouldn't mind if she bought it because she liked them and it looked cool. But no, she bought the t-shirt for £18 just to show it off and mention it every chance she takes and now its like the only tee she wears out; its honestly pathetic. She even admitted, and I quote, "I try to wear this as often as I can so hopefully a hot metalhead guy will see I like something he likes and go out with me!" URGH.

Then again it doesn't surprise me. Everything she does is to get guy's attention. She became a 'skater' at one point and went to the skatepark learning to skate because it was mostly guys there. Not because she likes skating.

What annoys me most though and makes me wanna punch a wall is that she started cutting just to be in the scene and started showing off. Now I sound like a hypocrite here because I have cut before. But at least it was because I was actually hurt, not because I wanted to show off how 'emo' I was. To be honest, I hope when she finds her 'emo' guy, he turns her down. Because there is NO FREAKING REASON to romanticize self harm in that manner.

And to top it all off, Im like "You call yourself emo. Do you even know what emo music is?"
And shes like "Yeah, duh. Black Veil Brides, Pierce the Veil and MCR."
So Im like "Umm.. try again. Ever heard of Rites of Spring, Taking Back Sunday, AFI?" (Im not sure about that last one.)
But shes like "Um no, Im emo and I would know a lot more about it than YOU." Shes just like soooo snobby. Seriously, she thinks that she's the s--t cause she's "oh so different" and feels the need to point out the weird stares she gets from her Iron Maiden tee on fb. And like has to keep confirming that she's in the scene, constantly reminding us of how 'metal' she is. Like nobody cares, shut up! I like metal. I like it a LOT. But I only post when something relating to my bands is actually HAPPENING. I dont keep updating my status everyday reminding people how 'different' I am.

To anyone who does this s--t, pi-s off. An interest is an interest. Not an accessory.

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