Over again~ A louis tomlinson love story. FINISHED

My names megan, I live in a quiet village just outside of a town in sussex. I have long and straight brunette hair, brown eyes and pale skin. I am quite skinny but I love food. My dad lives in ireland and I see him once a year on my birthday, my mum works abroad alot so im left home alone since I have no siblings. She feels bad I guess so she sends me money though I really dont want it. Its bad enough living in the huge house we own on my own. But its great for sleepovers with my 2 best friends.

Chapter 1

the start!

Well where do I start, my names megan, but call me meg, megz, meggie, megzie, whatever toots your fruit. My life is average, I go to collage, but its ending tomorrow because of summer, the thing is im normal but my mum (who by the way is never home, shes always around the world doing stuff) is best friends with a boy called zayn maliks mother. So when they (one direction) had an argument as a band they were sent away to 'bond' somewhere quiet and peaceful where they could walk the streets without being mobbed, guess whos mum offered for them to come to stay with her daughter. Well I begged her to not ruin my summer but as usual I lost the argument. However there was one good side to this, my best friend Evie (evelyn) was going to stay with me for the summer too, her family went on a vacation to america but she didnt want to go so she was staying with me. I really wasnt a fan of one direction, I mean they were probably just a load of assholes in real life and probably expect me to be a servant totheir every needs.

I wrote down some notes off the board before the class ended, I hadnt really listened to much of it, I was to busy arguing with myself mentally about one direction coming to stay to care. Evie wasn't too fussed really, she listened to one direction occasionally and kinda had a crush on one of them.. I can't remember his name but hey who cares right? Class suddenly ended and I grabbed my backpack and swung it over my shoulder before walking outside. I stopped at the usual tree and waited for my boyfriend, will, to drive me home. Evie was going home to get her suitcases before she met me at mine, I wasnt particularly sure when the boys would turn up but I didnt care.
"Hey Will, " I said casually and pecked him on the lips. He smiled and took my hand and led me to his car before we got inside. We drove to mine and listened to loud music, when we stopped he walked me to my door, he was sweet but sometimes I really wondered if we were meant to be. I looked into his brown eyes and we leant in to kiss, he was going on holiday for a couple of weeks so today was all we would see of eachover for a while. Just as his lips were milimetres away from mine a car pulled up and beeped. I jumped abit and Will looked annoyed. Out of the car jumped 5 bouncy boys. Will knew about the plans but frowned when he saw the 5.
"Hello are you megan?" One with black hair and a quiff at the front asked.
"Yeah." I sighed and hugged will, he whispered goodbye before walking back, deliberately walking into one of the boys and giving a fierce look, I laughed and waved goodbye to him. He waved and got in his car before speeding away. The 5 boys had now pulled out their suitcases and were standing to face me,
"Uh just go in and go up stairs, theres 5 rooms, the first is mine, the second is my friends and you can pick the rest. They nodded and ran up stairs I sat on the steps waiting for evie, I was already pissed that they were here and now I dont have will for ages. And then to top it off, the snooty girl who I hate so much came storming down my road and up to the end of my driveway.
"Ive got something of yours." She said nastilly.
"What?" I asked not really bothered.
"This!" She waved my phone in her hand, damn! I had forgotten about it, she must have grabbed it from my pocket when I wasnt looking.
"Look martha can I just have it back, for god sake we're in collage now enough of your stupid playground games!" I snapped.
"Eugh well actually I found it on the table and was returning it to you but if your gonna be like that here!" She yelled and got ready to throw my phone. For god sake my mums going to kill me this will be the second time in one month ive had to get it replaced.
"Don't!" I yelped but it was too late, the phone was mid air and she was walking away happily. I decided to just watch it fly over my head, I'd never have caught it anyway. I braced myself for the crack but there to my surpise wasnt one. I turned and saw one of the guys, he had brown hair, a slight quiff and light blue eyes. Well he was stretched out on the floor, arms out and my phone in his hands.
"Thanks." I said and took it from his hands. He rolled over and got up, rubbing his arms and legs from the dirt.
"I AM SUPERMAN!" He yelled and striked a pose. I rolled my eyes and waved to evie as she arrived with her suitcase, luckily she lived down my road, as well as martha but oh well. We hugged and I helped her carry her bags in.
"I saved you a good room," I whispered and the guy took her cases up stairs for her.
"So do you like them?" She whispered.
"No ive told you before, and I dont even know their names for god sake!" I replied. At this they all walked in and stood quietly.
"Uh so we never really introduced ourselves." One said.
"Im zayn malik." The one with black hair and a quiff said.
"Im harry styles." The one with curly hair said.
"Im niall horan." The blonde one said.
"Im liam payne." The one with short brown hair said.
"Im louis tomlinson." The one who saved my phone said.
"Im evie and I kinda already knew who you were!" She squealed, I rolled my eyes and went to the kitchen. "Excuse her shes kinda moody, she dosent think much of you or your music." I heard ellie say. I grabbed a can of coke and sat on the kitchen counter drinking it. Wow what a great start to my summer.
"Hey got any more of those?" A voice, I think louis? Said.
"No." I said and hopped off the counter Throwing the can in the bin too.
"Oh.. well." He said, I tried to get past him through the door but he stopped me, jerk.
"Ex scuse me." I growled.
"Are you alright, that girk didnt seem to nice earlier."
"Nope, do I look bothered though!"
"I just thought you might wanna talk ab-"
"No." And with that I barged past him and up to my room, motioning for evie to follow, she shrugged to the guys and followed me up. When we reached the room I sat on my bed and sighed.
"This summer is so gonna suck." I said.
"Oh come on, its not like we cant go out and do any fun things, at least the lads arnt horrible, and so much for having arguments they seem happier than ever!" She said happily.
"Ugh you like them? They're just putting on the smiles and kindness I bet you theyll change in a few days!" I said, part of me wanted to actually like them but the other part is just screaming at me that they'll just use me and ill end up hurt.
"Whatever you say meg!" She said sarcastically before dragging me off the bed.
"Come on they need to eat and im sure your up for food too!" I admit I was hungry so I followed her downstairs. The boys had made them selves comfortable already in my lounge.
"Sure you can sit there!" I yelled sarcastically, they chuckled and I frowned. I noticed louis staring at me but I took no notice and headed for the kitchen, we can just have pasta tonight. I pulled out the saucepans and pasta and started cooking. When I had finished I plated it all up and set it on the tables.
"Come and get it." I called through the door. The boys all rushed to the table and gobbled down their food, especially niall. I shook my head and ate my food quietly. They started uo making conversation and I found myself just listening not talking.
"So have you too lived here all your life?" Niall asked.
"Yeah, I live down the road, we've been best friends since we were barely walking!" Evie giggled.
"Cool so what have we got planned for tonight? Its only half past 8?" Liam asked.
"Can we watch a movie?" Harry asked in a baby voice.
"Yeah! What do you think megz?" Evie asked me.
"Uh whatever." I said and picked up the plates. Louis helped me put them in the dishwasher and the others piled in the lounge. I put away the saucepan and turned to join them when I tripped over the chair leg! Louis had just put away the last plate and I kinda fell on to his chest uh great! He fell backwards and I ended up in his arms on the floor.
"Uh im sorry I fell a bit." I said awkwardly, he chuckled a bit and as I was getting up, guess which annoyingly gossipy friend walked in.
"OH MY GOD MEGAN LOLA FALLS GET OFF OF LOUIS TOMLINSON NOW!" She screamed with laughter, "GUYS GET IN HERE OH MY GOD!" by now I was off of him and blushing a bright red, god I always end up embarrassing myself.
"For god sake evie I fell get a grip!" I yelled, I suddenly wasnt up for movies or anything. I ran through my house and into my room which conveniently had a lock. Click. It was locked and I was alone finally. Evie was outside and banging on the door.
"Meg im sorry, I was just joking!" She called.
"Evie I dont care, I forgive you just leave me alone!" I yelled back at her, I wasnt that mad I just wanted to get away from those stupid boys and everything else. "Im tired im just gonna go to bed." I lied.
"Okay, if you need anything just call," she said quietly before tip toeing downstairs. I heard her whispering to someone else who then followed her down and soon the busy hum of the tv was heard. I picked up my phone and texted Will.
Me: hey babe miss u already youll never guess what happened!
Will: miss u 2 and what?
Me: u know those guys from earlier? I just fell on 1 it was so embarrassing and evie just made it worse by shouting about it.
Will: haha sounds funny lol, but make sure ur not getting 2 touchy n feely with them yh? Lol
Me: calm ur tits Will I dont like them at all dont worry!
Will: haha thats gd gotta go now bbe c ya later xxxxx
Me: byee have fun!xxx
I turned off my phone and fell asleep to the sound of footsteps probably entering their own rooms for the night.

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