The Hidden Box

It's my contest entry. So here we go.

Hidden deep in a sea of sand there is a box. That box holds the answers to all problems. It's a box where all secrets shall be revealed. Or so the legend says.

Chapter 2


"A-a book!!!!!" I scream.

"I don't understand! That's not what's supposed to be in it!" Nera exclaims.

"1 day of trying to get out here and 5 freaking days of searching for this box and all we find is a book," I open the book and read 2 words, "/Dear Journal./ IT'S A DIARY!!! 6 DAYS WASTED TO FIND A DIARY!!!! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!!" I yell.

Her eyes widen and she runs. I start to chase her, nearly slipping a few times.

"I'm sorry!" She shrieks.

"Sorry? Sorry won't cut it, but this knife certainly will!" I growl, taking out a knife from my pocket and grabbing the back of her shirt.

"Come on you don't want to kill me! That's just the heat talking!!" She yells.

I know she's probably right so I state, "Come on, we've got a train to get to."

"Thank you, Rae." She exclaims.

"Don't call me Rae and don't thank me yet." I growl.

We walk in silence as we walk to the jeep rental place, so we can get a jeep to take us to the train station.

An hour and a half later

"The fastest jeep you have please." I tell the black man behind the counter. He has brown eyes and no hair and seems a bit...fragile.

"Yes M'am." He replies, "Please sit down while we get it."

Nera and I sit down next to each other in plastic blue chairs. I glare at her and she shuffles uncomfortably under my glare.

"Look I thought I was really onto something." She mumbles.

Before I can answer I hear, "It's ready M'am."

Nera and I glance up at the same time. We walk out to see the jeep waiting there, along with a guy in the driver's seat. He has tan skin, green eyes, and sandy blonde hair that covered his right eye.

"Come on, ladies." He says in a deep voice.

We get into the jeep. Nera in the front seat, next to the man, while I went in the back.

"The name's Kyle. What about you girls?" Kyle asks.

"My name is Nera and she's Raven." Nera says, pointing to my when she said my name.

"Well, Nera and Raven, what's brought you way out here in the dessert?" He says, I take notice that he has an Australian accent, but doesn't talk like one.

"Treasure hunting. What else?" I say, smiling.

He chuckles and we continue driving.


I jump when suddenly hearing, "Well girls we're here."

I look around realizing that I must have fallen asleep.

"Thank you Kyle." I say.

"Well, goodbye ladies. Get home safe. Oh and Raven, try not to kill Nera anymore." He chuckles.

I look at Nera wondering what she told him and she just walks ahead in the train with me following behind her. We get to our compartment and Nera falls asleep immediately. I, on the other hand, can't seem to fall asleep. I sigh and notice the diary sitting on top of Nera's open back. I sigh and grab it and start reading,

Dear Journal,

This is my first entry. I cannot give all of my secrets on the first entry. Let me start by saying I'm 16 and no one can find this journal unless I'm dead. Maybe in later years it will be okay...but not in this era. Oh no! Someone's coming. I must go!

-Tegan Reid

I drop the diary.

"Nera!" I yell.

"What!?" She gasps.

"This diary belonged to Tegan Reid." I state.

She looks at me in disbelief.

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