The Hidden Box

It's my contest entry. So here we go.

Hidden deep in a sea of sand there is a box. That box holds the answers to all problems. It's a box where all secrets shall be revealed. Or so the legend says.

Chapter 1

Finding the hidden box

“This key hold secrets we would never guess.” Professor Nera says.

“She's on one of her rambles again.” I hear a student behind me whisper.

I turn around and shush them. Professor Nera was an explorer, but stayed around here most of the time to teach us about the “secrets in the world around us” as she would say. We were close friends so outside of class I called her just Nera. No professor. I look at the key closer. It was old and tan dust seemed to be stuck on it. It was entrancing. But no one else noticed. They were too busy going on and on about how Nera's crazy from going on too many trips in the sun. The bell rings and everyone gets up to leave as quickly as they can. I sit and slowly put my stuff away. Once everyone else is out I walk up to Nera.

“So, you going on another trip?” I ask, casually.

“Of course! I've got to figure out what this key belongs to. I think it may be connected to a legend I've read about!” She whispers excitedly.

I smile sadly. Nera's been going on so many trips lately that even I'm starting to get worried. She's become obsessed with seeing if the legend is true. “Tell me about it.” I request, even though I've already heard it a million times and could recite it perfectly.

“The key to a hidden box in a deep sea of sand shall be found in a tree of old. Inside the box shall be something to ease all troubles. All secrets shall be revealed, inside the hidden box.” She says.

“Does that mean you're going to the desert?” I ask.

“Yeah and you know. I was thinking of asking the school if I could take a certain student with me this time.” Nera says, smiling directly at me.

“Really? You think they'd let me go with you!?” I ask, excitedly.

“They will if I can convince them.” Nera smirks.

“Don't get yourself fired.” I joke.

She chuckles as I walk out.

That was 5 days ago. Since then Nera has convinced the school to let me go with her. We've gotten lost in the desert...twice...and we gotten no where in our search for the hidden box.

“I'm sure we'll find it in the section!” Nera says.

“You said that the last 10 sections we've searched.” I growl.

The heat is starting to get to me. Our water is running low and I'm tired of waking up with sand in my hair and mouth.

“Come on, where's that Can-Do Explorer spirit?” She says happily.

This just makes me glower at her. We continue digging when our shovel suddenly hit something hard. It takes me a moment to get over my surprise. Nera and I both start digging the item out. Our hearts pounding with excitement. Could this be it? After 4 long days of searching could we finally have found the box? Suddenly I'm blinded.

“Ah!” I yell in surprise, covering my eyes.

“NO!!!!” Nera yells.

“What?” I ask.

“It's just a sheet of metal.” She complains.

“...That's okay. We'll search for one more day, but then we need to go home.” I say, stifling a yawn.

Her shoulders sink in disappointment, “Okay, Raven.”

We work until the sun goes down without any luck. We lay down with our blankets, trying hard to get comfortable. Slowly, but surly, we fall asleep.

“WAKE UP RAVEN!!!!!” I hear Nera scream in my ear.

“I'm up Nera.” I mumble.

“Come on, it's our last day.” Nera whines.

I roll my eyes and make myself get up.

6 hours of digging (2 of those hours spent eating/drinking/going to the bathroom) later

“Hey...Nera...” I whisper.

“What?” She asks sadly.

The failure of this trip is starting to get to her.

“I think I hit a box.” I state.

“What!?” She asks.

“...I think...I might have hit a box.” I say again.

“Let's dig it up!!” Nera yells.

We dig it up and I look closely at it. It's small with many engravings in it, almost looking like a chest. It looks...majestic! Nera takes the old key out of her pocket and slides it into the box's lock.

“It's fits.” She says, numbly.

We open it and look inside.

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