Bluebeard, revenge of the dead.

Chapter 1

Chapter one: The Key

The Black Castle sat proudly on the only mountain in town. It loomed over the fields, casting dark shadows that were only illuminated by the torches that sat on the backs of the ever slaving dead. The turrets of the castle scraped the pitch black sky. No stars shone through the dark, no tiny prick of light pierced the veil of shadow that held back the world above.

At the top of the tallest tower of the castle, a dark figure stood. No more than a shadow, a bent sorrowful figure, just like the rest of the dead. Yet this shadow had once had a name. And a home. And a life. Although she was as the rest of the poor unfortunate souls below, (that is to say, dead), she was worse off than even she realized.

Celestine gazed down at the workers, without sympathy for them or sorrow for herself. She did not know where she really was. She could not imagine that she, or they, were dead. As she looked down, she sighed. 'This has become a bore' Celestine thought. She drew away from the edge of the balcony and, tossing her long dark hair retreated back inside.

Entering her elaborate bedroom, she let out a little shriek. For there, in the center of the room, stood a man. Breathing heavily, she giggled.
"It's you! Don't do that."
He smiled at her teasingly "What, did I scare you?"
"You certainly did not." She rolled her eyes for emphases.
"Right, whatever you say my dear." He said, looking at her in cold admiration.
She turned towards her dresser "Anyway, I did not expect to see you here until the wedding night. Are you looking for some early fun my love?"
"Oh no, nothing like that. I have just come to give you some news." He drawled.
"Really? And what might your news be, Bluebeard?" She asked casually, but the deep curiosity and thirst for gossip overtook her bright green eyes.

He laughed a deep belly laugh "You're bored here, aren't you love? All to entertain you are my books, and already you've almost read every single one. You can't leave, and the only outside world is dark and grey. I'm sorry for that. Now, my news is that I'm leaving tomorrow on a short journey before our wedding."
"Why," she asked, her voice coated with ice "Why must you leave before our wedding? What's so important?"
"Buisness, my dear." He turned away to hide his amusment. "But, before I go, I think it's time that you explored your new home to the fullest. Here," He said, handing her a large ring of keys "You may enter any room that you with to in this house with these keys. You may entertain yourself with whatever you want, whenever you want. However, I must forbid one room. " He tapped an old key that was covered with dust and had a thick coat of rust blanketing it. It jingled mysteriously against the other keys when he tapped it.
"That key leads to the very last door in the house, in the very bottom, in the basement. I beg you not to enter into it. It shall cost you and I both."
Celestine nodded, but her eye lingered on the key for a moment or two. Then she wrenched her eyes away and looked into Bluebeard's cold black ones. "Why can't I go in there? What's so secret that I cannot go inside?"
"Things that I'd rather you not see. Things that are part of my past." He answered, his voice expressionless his eyes difficult to read. Without another word, he dropped an apple into her hand, turned and left, slamming the oaken door behind him.

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