Leo Carson: Live On Quibblo

Leo Carson: Live On Quibblo

This is a live entertainment for those that are interested. I will post youtube links to my collection if song that I have. So please enjoy. If you like this please state in the comments if you'd like to see another one with different songs on it.

Chapter 3

Leo Carson: Live, Featured Member Concert

http://grooveshark.com/#!/s/Callin+Baton+Rouge/5b1IR5?src=5 (That letter is an i.)

I thought it was time I'd start with my favorite singer in the world. I'm going to have a lot of his songs so enjoy. This next song I wanted to have the live version but grooveshark can't find it for some reason, so her is the next song.


Last Verse.
She runs down the hallway
Through the bedroom door
She reaches for the pistol
Kept in the dresser drawer
She tells the lady in the mirror
"He won't do this again"
'Cause tonight will be the last time
She'll wonder where he's been

The thunder rolls
And the lighting strikes
Another love grows cold
On a sleepless night
As the storm blows on
Out of control
Deep in her heart
The thunder rolls

http://grooveshark.com/#!/s/Tearin+It+Up+And+Burnin+It+Down/4IbzbE?src=5 (That letter is an i.)







This is only the first part of the show and I can't leave this song out. I know you've heard the song before but it just wouldn't be right to leave this song behind. (Beats on chest) This is one of the songs I have grown to love and when you listen to it, I want you to think of me. And I'm going to think of you all when I sing this for you, so please enjoy.


I just wanted to let you all know that I couldn't have gotten this Featured Member without you guys and that song went out to you.


We're going to change gears here. This links are found on youtube so please enjoy.





This will be the last song for tonight. Hope you enjoy it.


Goodnight everyone.

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