Leo Carson: Live On Quibblo

Leo Carson: Live On Quibblo

This is a live entertainment for those that are interested. I will post youtube links to my collection if song that I have. So please enjoy. If you like this please state in the comments if you'd like to see another one with different songs on it.

Chapter 2

Leo Carson: Live On Quibblo Two


That was fun. HOW ARE ALL OF YOU!? The Acme Awards are two weeks away, so do the honor in voting and make this years Acme Awards the most memorable one. And with that my band would like to play this years Acme Awards theme, and next year you can vote for your theme song for next Acme Awards. We ask that no rap songs be played as the theme. So if you want to participate in next years Acme Awards just send me a message after the show and I'll fit you in. So please enjoy the show.




This next song is one of those that it has the depth and the richness and that could be a sad song or could be a happy song, it's how ever you take it in. This next song is called Sweet Dreams.


There's something I wanna your opinion on. Can any one tell me what's so bad about this next song? When this song was first released the media was freaked out about this song, said it send a bad message. I just think it's a fun song.



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htgr3pvBr-I (This letter is an i)

Ladies and Gentlemen I'd like to bring out a special guess. She is the lead singer of the Sweet Hearts. You may have heard that the band is coming out with a new album next year. Please say hello to Sally Reberta.




Sally: Thanks everyone, it's been fun. Thanks, Leo.

Leo: No problem. Let's get this party going.


These last two I want to close off for the night please enjoy. There Love In Vain and Down On Love.



Good night everyone.

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