Capt. Nera

Capt. Nera

This is the script that I have been talking about. The first chapter will list the cast of characters for the script. I will mention the username of the people that joined in this movie. The ones that don't have usernames are the ones that don't have any. So if you are still interested in join please comment on the other post. I'll leave the link here for you so you can pick your characters.

Chapter 1

Cast of Capt. Nera

Green Army
Capt./Col. Nera- Nera78
Col. Tegan- Lesscrim
Gen. Leo Carson- July1985
Pvt./Lieut. Mikey- Ssarah17
Maj. Aurea- Faer
Mistress Lily- lilypotter101
Capt.'s Helper- Grace Hererra- prcy_808

Blue Army
Capt./Col./Gen. Rathina- Drvampiregirl
Capt./Maj. Sean- ShaggyRawkFists
Pvt./Gen. Shannon- hailtheripper
Pvt./Capt. Poison Ivy. (a.k.a. P.I.)- vampireaddict
Capt./Col PU (Pretty Useful)- zoogle11
Maj./ Capt. Pierre- Kit_Kat_Artist
Gen. Raven- I_Am_Raven_
Pvt.'s Helper- Lieut/Capt. Emmy- arrowshooter22

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