Polite And Ravishing: Is This Really Possible?

Polite And Ravishing: Is This Really Possible?

This is a Benedict Cumberbatch fanfiction.
I got inspired to create this by this picture:

I hope you enjoy.

Aphrodite "Dyte" Chase
Blue/Gold eyes
Dark Blonde hair

Chapter 6


(Third Person PointOfView)

This time, they took their time. They wanted to absorb each and every detail about the other and commit it to memory, because the possibility of being without each other was just too big a burden to bear.

She stood before him as he sat on the edge of his hotel bed, marveling at her body as she undressed. For any other man, she would have shied away. But for this man...She wanted him to see her in her entirety. She wanted him to run his fingers along her stretch marks, to see how her fat hung from her limbs, to taste her skin that she hated so much...She wanted him to love the body she wished she could change.

As she stripped, all he could see was beauty. All of her marks and scars that made her who she was, all of her plumpness that he wanted to knead between his fingers, all of the little things about her that he wondered how he had ever lived without. He studied her as she undressed before him. Saw how she had forgotten to shave her legs, saw the tuft of dark blonde pubic hair, saw how her stomach drooped.

He didn't, he couldn't understand how she did not love these things. The roundness of her bottom, the grace with which she moved, the enormous swell of her breasts...Oh, how he wanted to bury his face between them again. So he did.

She gasped as he suddenly pulled her to him and buried his face in her chest. The gasp turned to a moan as he rolled her nipples between his fingers and kissed her all over. She wanted nothing more than for him to continue, but stopped him with a hand to his face. She stepped back and he stood, and she set about undressing him as well.

He stayed her hand. "Allow me, my love." Now she sat as he pulled off his own garments.

He slid off his black blazer and slowly unbuttoned his perfect white shirt to reveal his pale torso, with the sculpted abdomen he had worked so hard to get for his television show. Now, he wanted nothing more than for his love to run her hands over the hills and valleys his muscles created, and as if reading his mind, she did just that. He sighed contentedly at her warm, soft touch.

He disrobed and she ran her hands up the backs of his thighs, over the smooth mounds that were his buttocks, and around to his front. His skin tingled everywhere her hands had traveled, and when she touched his manhood...The effects rolled through his body like a tsunami.

His mind went blank as her hands caressed that most private part of him, and when her cool lips and warm tongue encircled his tender tip, it became too much to bear. He was racked with tremors as he unwillingly released, cursing himself mentally. He looked down and caught her gaze, and found himself frozen with astonishment as she flicked his tip with her tongue and coaxed every last drop out of him, swallowing it down and keeping their eyes connected.

He felt something stir within him, and knew he was not done. He was going to please her in every way she deserved.

She scooted back on the bed and lay her head on the pillow as he climbed above her. On hands and knees, he touched no part of himself to her except his mouth. He started with her mouth, locking lips and twisting tongues, not caring that he could taste himself on her lips. He moved lower, noticing how she trembled as he grazed her neck and chest with brief, tender kisses.

His tongue left a shining trail as he moved farther down, and when he nuzzled his nose in her pubic hair and sniffed, her face darkened and she yelped. He knew she was uncomfortable about this area, and he aimed to change that. He moved her legs open and buried his face between them. She gasped as he flicked her with his tongue as she had done to him.

He plunged his tongue into her and wriggled it around, causing her to give out a low moan. He replaced his tongue with first one and then two fingers, taking in her reactions to both. She gripped the bedsheets tight as he moved his fingers in and out, and moaned his name as he flicked her with his tongue again. He went faster, harder, until she was whimpering his name between breaths and a sheen of sweat had formed on her body.

As she had astonished him, he did the same to her as he licked the fingers that had been within her. All the muscles in her belly clenched, his simple act driving her wild with desire. He climbed atop her, ready to begin, but she stopped him again. "I want to do this," she said. She let him lay and was the one to climb on top.

This was something new, something frightening for her, but she wanted to do it with him. She reached her hand down to hold him in place as she lowered herself onto him, gasping as she did. He was so big, stretching her and filling her to the brim, almost to the point of pain. His eyes closed and his head tilted back as he bit his lower lip, relishing in the feel of how snugly she fit around him. She was unlike anyone he had ever been with.

He entwined his fingers with hers as she moved. Up and forward, down and back. A simultaneous thrusting and grinding that was driving him mad with ecstasy. He wondered why she did not like this, why she did not wield this weapon of pleasure over men, but the thought passed as she did something new. She twirled her wide hips in a circle as she went up and down, swirling himself inside her.

"Aphrodite..." She paused at the sound of her own name, and he took control. He brought her face down to his for a kiss, and moved his hands to her hips. He took hold and thrusted upward, the kiss nearly breaking as she whimpered against his lips. She wanted to bury her face in his neck, but he pleaded against it. "Please, I want to see you...All of you."

Unable to speak, she simply nodded. She dug her fingers into his shoulders to prepare for the next upward lunge, but it did not prevent her from moaning his name when he did it.

"Ben..." He thrusted again, and she repeated it louder. "Ben..."

"Say it again...My full name." He thrusted up and up, harder and harder, and she complied with his wish.

"Benedict...Benedict...Ben...Ah!" Her magnificent voice calling out his name between breaths had a heady effect on him. He could feel himself being drawn closer to his second finish, but he would not let go this time without pleasing his love first.

He rolled her over onto her back, her legs automatically locking around his back. She pulled her bottom off of the mattress as he brought his hips against her backside again and again. He could feel her quivering around him, approaching her end, and spared no mercy.

His hands assaulted her nipples again, and the dual stimulation was enough to push her over the edge. Her blue-gold eyes, much like his own, were wide open as she screamed and shouted his name louder than ever before. Her end brought upon his own, and he pushed himself into her one final time as his deep baritone voice spilled out the words before he could stop them "I love you, Aphrodite Chase...I love you."

She stared up at him with wonder and disbelief. He loved her...he had just said it. She, who deserved nothing but the worst terrors of Tartarus, had been told she was loved. She did not bother to deny the feelings that had been stirring in her soul since the first moment she laid eyes on this wonderful man.

"I love you too, Benedict...More than you can imagine."

They shared a final, passionate kiss before he pulled out of her and brought the blanket on the bed to cover them both. She took her place, curled against his side with his arm wrapped around her, with a smile on her face. It was a genuine smile, because she was genuinely happy. For the first time in her life, she was utterly and completely happy.

And with her curled against his side, reveling in the love they had just made, he could not deny that he felt the same.


(Aphrodite's PointOfView)

He loved me. Benedict Cumberbatch, the 36 year old star of Sherlock and Star Trek II, the mega-famous rich British celebrity, loved me. And that made me happy.

I had the first full night of sleep in longer than I could remember. I feel asleep almost instantly, didn't wake up once during the night, and slept in until almost noon. I couldn't even remember having a dream or a nightmare. That was certainly refreshing.

When I did awaken, I found myself wrapped like a vise around a fully dressed Ben's waist. I blinked to clear the haze of sleep from my eyes and asked "Why're you dressed?"

"Because it is 11:30 in the morning, my love. I woke up some time ago to get dressed, and you started calling out for me in your sleep, and so I came back to bed." I felt my face grow red and he smiled. "I do love that color in your cheeks...We can stay in bed if you wish."

"No, no, I should be getting up, it's almost lunchtime..." I unwrapped myself from him and felt a yawn seize me. I sucked in a huge breath as I twisted and stretched, mildly aware that the blanket had found its way off of me. I plopped back down on the bed and saw Ben's eyes grazing my naked body. Remembering how he had touched me all over just a few hours before...it made me shiver with excitement.

He misinterpreted it. "Are you cold Aphrodite? You really should get dressed..." He sounded unsure about that last part and I giggled.

"No, no, I was just remembering last night and what...exhilarating fun we had. The best time of my life, by far." I felt myself grin ear-to-ear.

"And what exactly made it the best time of your life?" He trailed a hand up and down my stomach as he asked, and I shivered again.

"We made perfect love, better and sweeter than anything I've ever experienced before...But that's nothing compared to finding out you love me. I don't deserve anything from you but you're giving me your love anyway, a gift I intend to treasure for the rest of my life."

Ben climbed atop me, settling his body down along mine. He stared down into my face, our blue-gold eyes finding each other instantly, and said "You deserve everything, and everything is what I intend to give you. Including me." He leaned down for a brief kiss. "And right now, I intend to give you lunch. I know you must be starving after our exertions."

Actually, my stomach was doing backflips at the thought of him giving himself to me, but I smiled and agreed. "Lunch it is then. Shall I choose a place?"

He shook his head, surprising me. "I did a bit of research while you were still asleep and found a worthwhile looking place...As long as you're up for a walk." I nodded. "Excellent...Your clothes are on the table, I'll leave you to get dressed."

Ben jumped off the bed and turned to leave, but I yanked him back by the wrist. He must've seen the flash of terror in my eyes and understood. "Alright, I'll stay right here."

I smiled and got up to get dressed. The simple clothes I'd been wearing yesterday were neatly folded on the small table by the bed, and my shoes sat beside them. I didn't hurry to get dressed and didn't bother covering myself, knowing how Ben was watching my move just as he had last night. I relished the feeling of his eyes on me.

I pulled my shirt over my head and bent down for my jeans, and gasped loudly when I felt him against my backside. I spun my head to see him standing against me, and could feel his erection through his trousers and my panties. Almost instinctually, I pushed back against him, feeling him grind against me right between the squishy mounds of my bottom.

With a shaky voice I asked "I thought we were going to get lunch?"

"Yes, lunch..." He sounded almost as if he'd forgotten. "I suppose that is more important..." Ben bent down and kissed my bottom, and I yelped as he nipped at it with his teeth. "I'd like to take you in this position very much, Aphrodite."

I squirmed and retrieved my jeans and stood. As I slipped them on, I tried to keep the shakiness out of my voice. "I'd very much like that too..." He smiled his brilliant smile, and I couldn't help but do it in return.


It was late in the afternoon before we made it to Natalie's place to get my things. She nearly fell out of her apartment doorway at the sight of my brilliantly smiling face, and embraced me in a tight hug.

"Dyte, oh my goodness...Why didn't you text or call me back last night?" I blushed and shrugged and she chuckled. "I guess I don't need to ask...Come in, the both of you."

She ushered us in to the comfortable little place she called home. It was smaller than the apartment I'd shared with Sara, but had all the personal touches that I expected form Natalie, including a slew of art materials sitting on the coffee table.

"Sorry it's a mess...I was doodling." I laughed; our version of doodling consisted of sketching and refining our masterpieces until we thought they were good enough to show off to the world. At least, that's how it was back when we consistently hung out.

Ben went to the table and saw some of Natalie's sketches and remarked "These are excellent...Do you work with art professionally?" She shook her head, and I could swear I saw her blushing behind her dark cheeks.

"No, I just do it as a hobby, sometimes our friends will commission something from me...You should see Dyte, she can draw stuff 100x better than anything I do."

I made a face at Natalie as Ben asked "Really..? You never told me you were an artist, Aphrodite."

"You never asked...And besides, I was an artist. I don't do that stuff anymore." The last time I'd even lifted a pen or a pencil to draw something was over a year ago. Heck, probably over two years ago. I couldn't exactly remember anymore. "Are we getting my stuff or not?"

Natalie brought my bags out of her bedroom and plopped them on the floor with a heavy thud. "I might've added a couple of things in there that I thought you'd like..."

I smirked; I didn't have to ask what she'd added. I told her while we were catching up at the hospital about how I hadn't drawn in so long, and she said she'd wanted to get me some new materials so I could get back into it.

I took the lighter bag and Ben took the heavier, and Natalie followed us to the rental car Ben had delivered to the hotel, apparently also while I was still asleep. We tossed my things in the trunk and I turned to hug Natalie goodbye. She almost sounded as if she were going to cry as she said "I missed you so much, Dyte...You dropped off the face of the Earth, and here you are, being as mind-blowing as ever."

"Oh, I'm not like that..." As I released her I caught Ben's eye, and I knew he wanted to say otherwise. "I missed you too...And we've gotta keep in contact this time. With Sara hating me now, there's no other friends I've got in this god-forsaken city."

"Well, there's me. And we can hang out whenever you want, as long as it's not while I'm working...Well, I work at that little restaurant right across from the Rite-Aid, so maybe you can swing by and grab a bite. Employee discount." I chuckled as she nudged me with her elbow.

"Maybe I will...But for now, I've got...business to attend to." I rolled my eyes toward Ben and she giggled. "Bye."

"Bye Dyte!" The way she shouted it even though I was only a few feet away made me break out in laughter again. I climbed into the passenger side of Ben's bright red rental to see him grinning like a loon.

"Something amusing, Mr. Cumberbatch?"

"Just watching you and your friend...You're so much more at ease now than when I first met you."

I grabbed his hand and said "I've got you to thank for that. You and your love."

"Well, without you being such a wonderful woman, I would have nobody to give my love to." He leaned over for a kiss that I quickly obliged to. "Now, off to the hotel."

He pulled out of the space into traffic, and I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket. I was unsurprised to see Sara's number. She'd been calling me constantly since last night.

I answered with "Yes?"

"Now you answer me...What the hêll did you do to my apartment?! I got home last night and there was blood everywhere, and the whole goddâmn kitchen was a wreck!"

"I had a bit of a meltdown because you kicked me out. The blood is from my hands. I went to the hospital and got stitches and splints on both of them, and then Natalie took my things while I spent the night with Ben." I wasn't going to lie to her, but I didn't give specific details, like where Ben and I had stayed. Sara wasn't usually the angry type, but when she did get mad...Well, I was glad she didn't know where I was.

"Ben..? He's here?" Her curiosity got the best of her. "I thought he was back in London?"

"After I snuck out in the middle of the night, it seems he came to find me...Natalie was with me at the hospital so she just took my things, and Ben took me back to where he was staying."

"That's...crazy. He crossed a whole friggin' ocean to come find you...But anyway, what the heck am I gonna do about my kitchen?!"

"The cabinets can be taken care of by building maintenance, but you'll just have to buy some new dishes on your own. I'd help, but you should know better than anyone that I haven't got any money."

"Yeah, yeah, I know...I'm not saying you can come back here, but if anything else major happens with Ben...You let me know." I was glad Sara couldn't see my smirk through the phone. She probably would've punched me if she had.

"Naturally. What kind of friend would I be if I didn't?" I hung it up at that. I could see Ben's curious expression as he stared ahead at the road, so I explained. "That was Sara. She was super pissed that I destroyed the kitchen, but when I told her about you, she pretty much forgot all that...Told me to call if anything else major happens."

"It seems you may not have completely lost her as a friend, after all. I'm glad for you." He smiled and I believed it. He took my hand in his one that wasn't on the steering wheel. "We should celebrate."

"Celebrate? Why on Earth would we celebrate that..? Oh." I giggled to myself for not realizing it right away. "You mean that kind of celebrating..."

"Naturally. I told you, I intend to bend you over that table and take you from behind...And you did say I could before this day is out."

"I do remember saying that...But can't we do something else besides that?" He raised a confused eyebrow and I snickered. "I'm kidding...I'm just glad to know I'm with someone that's just as sêx-crazed as I am."

"Why wouldn't I be? I have the perfect partner." He squeezed my hand and my smile grew.

"Oh, I don't know...You might get exhausted and over-sêxed soon, since you're a bit on in years..."

"Oh, really?" The malevolent tone of his voice made me want to take back what I'd said. We pulled up to a red light and he asked "So I'm 'on in years', huh?"

"You are 36..."

"And that's 'on in years'?" He grinned wickedly. He wrenched his free hand from mine. "Let's see just how 'on in years' I can be..." I shivered with fright and excitement at his words.

Instead of going straight down the street that would've taken us to the hotel, he took a left and pulled into a parking garage a few blocks away. He paid the booth operator and drove us all the way to the top of the structure, away from all the other people and cars.

I was confused as he got out and came around my side to open my door. "What're we doing up here for?" Level 8 of the tallest of three parking garages we had. Me, being deathly afraid of heights, wasn't eager to get out of the car. "Why're we all the way up at the top?"

"You called me old." He took me by the wrists and I finally climbed out, and he pulled me around to the back of the car. Fear flickered like a bright flame in my mind. I couldn't see the ground from our position, but just knowing how high up we were was enough to make me cower.

"Ben this is awfully high up...Will you please tell me why we're up here?"

"To be away from people, of course." His mouth was suddenly on mine in a rough kiss. My lips parted and invited his tongue inside, and for a brief moment, my fear of heights was forgotten. "We're here to prove I'm every bit as lithe and youthful as you."

I pulled back and asked "And how're we gonna do that way up here?"

His wicked grin didn't subside as he spun me in his arms and pressed his erection against my backside. I understood immediately, and I wanted to panic, but the way he started kissing down the back of my neck...It made my troubles melt from my mind.

He reached around and quickly undid my jeans, yanking them down over my bottom. He caressed it with his large hands before slowly dislodging my panties as well, and I let out a small moan as I felt him slip a finger inside me from behind.

"Breathtaking, isn't it?" I didn't know if he meant the feeling of his fingers rubbing me inside and out, or the mix of fear an excitement about being naughty in public, but I said yes to both. "This not something an old man would do?" I shook my head, and slapped my hands over my mouth when I felt a sharp crack against my backside.

He spanked me. And I liked it.

"What was that, Aphrodite?" I shook my head again and he spanked me again, while at the same time viciously pushing his fingers deeper inside me. "Care to repeat it?"

"No..." My voice was hoarse with want. "I take it back..."

"Thatta girl." I heard the metallic grating of his zipper and a moment later, he pushed his way inside me. Bent over the trunk of the car with my legs pressed tight together...it made him feel even bigger inside me. "Keep your hands over your mouth, or we'll be discovered." I nodded wordlessly, not moving my hands.

I screamed into them as he grabbed my hips and slammed into me. Again and again, taking no prisoners, my throat aching as I let out the loudest wails of my life. In between screams and breaths he would spank me, only elating the absolute pleasure I felt at the way he was fûcking me.

Because that's what it was. It wasn't making love, and it wasn't just sêx...it was fûcking.

And I loved it.

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