Polite And Ravishing: Is This Really Possible?

Polite And Ravishing: Is This Really Possible?

This is a Benedict Cumberbatch fanfiction.
I got inspired to create this by this picture:

I hope you enjoy.

Aphrodite "Dyte" Chase
Blue/Gold eyes
Dark Blonde hair

Chapter 3

The Time Has Come

I took a deep breath and steadied myself. I could do this, I could do this...

I couldn't do this.

I was pacing back and forth in a new bra, panties, and strappy heels, staring down at the blue gown I had bought yesterday for tonight's movie premiere. It was a confusing number, but oh-so-beautiful. And made me oh-so-nervous.

Lots of people were going to be there. Lots of cameras were going to be there. People would be taking pictures of me. Of me! I knew it was only because I would be accompanying Ben, but still I was incredibly nervous. He would be coming down to my room to get me in just 45 minutes, and here I was, still standing in my undies. Oh, what the hêll.

I slipped the dress over my head and shimmied into it, making sure to pop my right arm through the one armhole. I pulled it down into place, noting how it was particularly tight around my chest. Maybe I should've gotten the size bigger...

"Oh well, there's no time to worry about it now..." I grabbed my mini bag and took it into the bathroom.

I brushed and quickly straightened my hair, hoping that would keep any frizz or stray hairs in place. My hair was odd because it was very easy to work with, but didn't stay in place for very long. It was sometimes annoying. But, at least it didn't interfere much with my jewelry. I could just tuck it behind my ear to show off the new earrings and necklace I'd also bought for this occasion.

With 20 minutes to go now, I started the tedious task of trying not to fûck up my makeup. Black eyeliner, bronze eyeshadow, black Mascara, and a bit of powder to dull the rising blush in my cheeks. I could tell my face was going to be red for most of this endeavor.

After a few final touches with some light lipstick, I looked on my phone to see it was time. I took a deep breath, smoothed my dress over my stomach, and exited the bathroom. I decided to leave my phone here, just because I didn't have anything to carry it in. I wasn't much one for purses.

Just before I headed out the door, my phone started to buzz.

I answered Sara's call with a cheery "Hellooo?"

She laughed. "I take it you're about to leave to the premiere?"

"And I'm incredibly nervous. And yes, I'm wearing a dress..."

"OH! You have to send me a picture! Before the paparazzi get one of you, I mean."

I chuckled. "Of course..." There was a knock at the door. "That'll be Ben. Gotta go."

"Ben? Since when do you call him Ben..?" I hung up on Sara, knowing that I'd left her wondering. And knowing that she'd probably call me later tonight to demand everything that had happened.

I pulled the door open and my jaw very nearly dropped. Ben stood there in a black suit and tie, his hair combed back, looking quite the gentleman that he was.

He stood frozen, looking just as shocked at my appearance at I was at his, even as I stood back to let him enter the room. "You going to stand there all night?"

"No, no...You look absolutely ravishing, Aphrodite." I bit my lip as my blush came forward, more because of his compliment than his use of my full name. "Are you ready?"

"Almost, yes...I was just going to take a picture of myself in the mirror to send to Sara. She doesn't believe I'd really wear a dress out in public." I chuckled to myself, but then looked down to avoid Ben's gaze.

What did I detect in that gaze? Desire? Lust? Was I just crazy and imagining the hunger in his eyes? I almost dearly hoped so.

"Well, why don't we take a picture for her together, just to prove you're really with me?"

"O-okay...There's a mirror, on the bathroom door..." I led him slowly into the large bathroom and shut the door behind us, and faced the full-length mirror on the back of the door.

I fumbled with my phone to get to the camera function, and jolted when one of his long white hands closed over mine and said "Let me. You seem nervous." I relinquished control and he found the camera quite easily, and stood behind me with his head poking out over my right shoulder. "Ready?"

I nodded. I smiled the best I could as he snapped the picture, then spun around and took a large step back. "I'll send that to her later...How 'bout we get going?"


We made our way out of the room and down to the ground floor, and it being the middle of the day, we got many odd looks from people in the lobby. A few seemed to recognize Ben and looks of joy spread across their faces, and a look of sadness spread across mine. Knowing that was how it was going to be all evening.

The BMW and its driver were waiting just outside the hotel. As Ben and I got in, I gave the man a twenty and said "Call it prepayment for tonight...Sorry I don't have more."

He smiled. "It's alright, ma'am, some people don't like to give us tips at all. Thank you." I got in and he shut the door behind me.

Ben remarked "You don't have much money, but are willing to be so gracious...You are rather remarkable."

I shrugged. "I think you'll find the poor are more gracious than the rich, because we don't want others to live the same terrible lives we do."

"And you're philosophical...Anything you don't do?"

"Oh, there's a long list of things I don't do...Hang out with me much longer, and you're apt to find out." He chuckled.

It was a bit of a long ride to the premiere, mostly because of traffic.

I got steadily more nervous as we got closer and closer to our destination. I tucked my hair behind my right ear and kept checking to make sure my makeup wasn't messing up, and smoothing out my dress over my legs. My breathing was double its normal rhythm, and I tapped my fingers on my leg anxiously.

My breath suddenly stopped and I froze as I felt Ben's warm hand cover my nervously tapping one, and hold it tight. I looked over at him and he smiled, saying "You're nervous, and it's showing. You must breathe deeply, remember that you are in control of yourself, not them. Focus on something else besides the people and the cameras, and you will be fine."

I began focusing on something else as he suggested, and my hand stopped twitching.

"There, better?" I smiled tightly and nodded, though I almost shook my head. Because what I was focusing on was his hand still tightly gripping mine, despite the fact that I knew my hands must've been all clammy from how nervous I was. I didn't remove my hand from his though. I would've lost my focus and got all twitchy-anxious again if I had.

We arrived at the event, and I swallowed back the bile rising in my throat. I instinctively asked Ben "I don't look terrible, do I?" I always looked terrible.

He squeezed my hand and repositioned my hair behind my ear, making me gasp. "You look beautiful, Aphrodite. Absolutely stunning." I giggled a hysterical giggle as the driver got out of the car and went around to Ben's side to open his door. "Here we go."


Ben got out and held his hand out for me. I grabbed it and exited the car, only for my breath to stop in my throat again. There were so many people. I was expecting a lot, but dâmn!

Stars. Fans. Reporters. And So. Many. Cameras. I very nearly fainted on the spot. But Ben gripped my hand tight again and murmured "Focus..." I took a deep breath, plastered a smile onto my face, and we moved forward.

It wasn't a straight shot, we kept stopping for Ben to talk to different reporters, pose for a picture, sign an autograph. He let go of my had to do that, and I kept my hands firmly in front of me when he did. Then he would put his hand on the small of my back and guide me along to the next person, where I would wait silently again.

Nobody took pictures of me directly or even talked to me, but I did get a few disapproving looks. And some that were quite a bit more than disapproving, just downright spiteful.

I turned away from one of those people in particular, and Ben leaned close to my ear and asked "You're not still thinking you look terrible, do you?"

I murmured back "So what if I am?"

"Then I'll tell you again. You look lovely, Aphrodite Chase..." He looked like he wanted to say something more, but was unsure.

"What? If you've got something else to say, just say it."

A playful smile settled on his lips. "Alright. As I was saying...You look lovely, Aphrodite Chase...And that is why I want to take you back to our hotel and completely ravish you later."

My mouth popped open into a tiny O, just as every muscle beneath my waistline clenched tight.

"W-wh-what..? What...did you...just say..?"

Ignoring a gaggle of nearby fangirls, he took both my hands in his and whispered privately in my ear. "I have only known you for two days, and I am not in the habit of doing this...But when you opened that door, and I saw you looking so beautiful in that gown...I very nearly took you right there in the doorway." I gasped. "You do not have to reciprocate my feelings, but I will not lie to you about them. Just as I did not lie when I told you how ravishing you look in that gown."

"Oh...Oh. Oh." That was all I could manage to say to his proposition. I was thinking a million, no, a billion things more, but I didn't know how to put any of it into words.

"You have time to think about it. Please do." He raised my hand to his mouth and kissed my knuckles lightly before leading me inside the building and away from all the people and cameras.

Everything was all situated for the movie to be played, and some celebrities were already in their seats. I recognized most of them but said nothing. I just followed Ben to our seats and sat quietly.

He continued to hold my hand as more people filed slowly in, and eventually said "You did wonderful in front of so many people."

I sarcastically replied "Really? Because I was kinda dying on the inside."

He chuckled. "Well, you didn't show it to the fans or the cameras, so nobody else will ever know. All they'll see is a confident, beautiful young woman who will probably be plastered all over some website by tomorrow morning. I don't doubt that everyone will be wondering who you are."

"Well, they can go ahead and wonder, because I'm not giving any names...What if the local news back home decides to send a reporter my way? No way am I dealing with that."

"Well, as you've said so often to me...Hang out with me much longer, and it will happen." I made a face at his use of my words, and he chuckled again.


"Oh. My. God. That was amazing!" My apprehension and terror of just a few hours ago was all forgotten in the afterglow of the movie I had just seen. "The action and the effects, and...well, you were amazing as Khan, of course. Simply brilliant!"

Ben smiled. "I'm glad you seem to think so. The critics don't seem to be too happy with me being chosen for the role."

"Well, they can go suck a..." I stopped myself with a hand over my mouth, and Ben burst into laughter. "They can just go shove their opinions where the sun don't shine. Yes, that sounds so much more civil..." I giggled at my own little joke. "Oh, didn't we have a dinner to attend?"

"Yes, I believe we did...Of course, we can also go to the after-party and have those drinks I promised you instead. And I'm sure you'll want to meet some famous person or another..." I giggled again. "That lovely little laugh...I take it you've recovered from your mood this morning?"

"Yes, I've recovered from my 'mood', as you call it...And we'll go wherever you want to go. After all, I've no idea where I am in this great big city."

"Party it is then. Perhaps a light dinner afterwards, as long as you don't have too much to drink." I feigned offense.

"I happen to have an excellent level of self control, Mr. Cumberbatch...I may have to end up being the one to watch over you by the end of this night."

"That sounds very much like a challenge, Ms. Chase."

"Perhaps it is, Benedict."

We grinned at each other like a couple of total loons until the BMW pulled up in the line of cars waiting to pick up everyone that was now filing out of the theatre. He pulled me by the hand and held the door open as I slid in first. He got in and recited some address I barely understood to the driver and we were off.

It wasn't a very long drive to where we were going, and once we got there, I said to the driver "I'm feeling rather exhausted, so we shouldn't be longer than an hour, perhaps two."

"Alright, ma'am. I shall wait nearby."

We got out and Ben inquired "You didn't tell me you were tired?"

I shrugged. "Being in these heels all day, coupled with the fact that I've been a nervous wreck...I think it would make anyone tired...I was also given a modicum of very surprising news by a gentleman outside the theatre this morning that just caused my brain to fizzle out."

"Shall I find and punish this gentleman for you? I am sure he will be of no match for me." I giggled again.

"While that would be all sorts of amusing to see...I think I will punish him myself, when I see him alone again. It is a little known fact that I am a master torturer."

"Really?" I nodded triumphantly, and we both burst into laughter again.

The party inside wasn't much different than what I was expecting, except for all the famous people, of course. There was music, lights, dancing, drinking...eerily similar to many a party I had been to, before I 'left' my parents house and most of my friends behind.

"What do you think?"

I spun to face Ben, his deep baritone voice telling me that he was behind me.

"It looks a lot like a couple of parties I went to before...Back when I was a bit of a party animal, that was."

"Ah, so you do have a fun side...Why don't we go and exploit it now?" I shrugged and he pulled me along to the bar. "What'll you have?"

"How about just a bourbon on the rocks? Or do say 'on ice' over here?"

"Coming right up, Ms. Chase." Ben spoke to the bartender, and came back just a moment after with two glasses full of amber liquid, tinkling with ice cubes. "Here you are."

"Thank you, Mr. Cumberbatch...Quite this gentleman this evening, you are." I sipped at my glass and my throat burned all the way down to my stomach, which immediately was filled with a warm and fuzzy sensation that caused my tense muscles to relax. "Oh, I needed that...To help loosen up sore, tense muscles..."

"Oh? You're sore and tense...I can't imagine what from." I bit my lip, trying to resist breaking out in a full-blown grin. If he wanted to play this game, fine. I could play too.

"Well, you remember that gentleman that told me he wanted to ravish me on the red carpet? It so happens that I got quite excited by his offer, and everything south of my waist clenched up tight...Luckily I was able to control myself, and did not pounce on him right there."

While I was speaking, I noticed Ben had frozen with his glass at the edge of his lips, his eyes trained on me. So I kept right on talking.

"I couldn't help my reaction...The man had the most sensual voice, and spoke so eloquently...I was enraptured."

He lowered his glass slowly and asked "Do you make a habit of taunting men with your sêxuality?"

"Well, I did warn you that I was a master torturer, didn't I?" I bit my lip and that seemed to set him off.

He took my glass from me and set both of ours on the bar, and took my hand and almost dragged me out of the party. On the inside, I was both squealing with glee and drawing back in fear. I didn't know what to do, so I just followed him outside.

We hadn't been inside long, and the BMW was still waiting out front. The driver asked "Ma'am?"

"I guess we left earlier than we thought...Back to the Strand Palace, I guess..."

He nodded as Ben and I slid in the back, and took off.

I continued gnawing on my lip as I gazed up at Ben, and when he said "Now that we're effectively alone..." everything south of my waist clenched up again. My insides were aching for relief.

He moved closer to me, our thighs touching, but I held up a finger, which I then pointed at the driver, though he seemed to be studiously ignoring us. Ben seemed to understand my hesitance and nodded, but kept a firm hand on mine as we sped back towards the hotel.

The driver bade us goodnight as we exited the car and entered into the hotel. Past the front desk to the lifts, we somehow got one without anyone else occupying it. Ben pulled me into that one and hit the button for 6.

"Now that we're really alone..." I gasped as I was pushed against the wall of the elevator and Ben pressed the length of his body against mine. He pulled my lower lip from the grip of my teeth and pulled my face to his in a swift embrace.

Though I hadn't touched someone else like this in quite a long time, my body knew exactly what to do. I wrapped my hands around the back of his neck and held him tight, pouring everything I had into the kiss. Our tongues entwined as well as our bodies, and I could feel his growing bulge pressing against my stomach.

As soon as the lift doors opened on floor 6, I was whisked down the hall to room 619. Ben unlocked the door and we very nearly fell through, but let go of each other just long enough to shut the door and make it to the huge bed before wrapping our limbs around each other again.

Ben straddled me as he tore off his jacket and tie, but I stopped him as he went for his shirt buttons. I made quick work of those and his cufflinks, and was left to marvel at the beauty that was his bare chest. I ran my hands along the entire surface of his heated skin, and he let out a long sigh. I scrambled out from beneath him and put my mouth to his skin next, trailing kisses across his chest and sculpted abdomen.

Just as I was about to go for the buckle on his pants, he stopped me and said "I think it's your turn." I stood on my knees and lifted my hands above my head, and he lifted my dress off in one fell swoop. "Oh, you have a wonderful body indeed, Aphrodite...And I intend to enjoy every inch of it. Lay down."

I laid on my back as ordered, and he slid his large hands down the length of my legs to my feet. There, he unzipped the back of my heels and took them off, and trailed kisses along my legs as he made his way back up to my face.

"Lift your bottom." I did, and he pulled my lacy panties around my bottom, and lifted my ankles high in the air as he pulled them down the length of my legs. By the time they were off, my ankles were beside his ears, and his hard bulge was pressed against my naked backside. "You look so wonderful like this, Aphrodite...But I'm afraid I'll have to turn you over for a moment."

I brought my legs down as he urged me to turn, and I let out a long sigh at the unclasping of my bra. My confined breasts were finally free.

When I turned back over he gasped as well. Taking my breasts in his hands, or as much of their large size as he could, he said "I have never seen a more magnificent pair of these on anyone...How can you not believe you are beautiful, Aphrodite?"

"Because nobody makes me feel like I am." The response was automatic. I'd thought about it so often, it was stamped in my mind like some terrible brand.

"Then I shall make you feel like you are." His mouth fastened to one of my nipples and I gasped, and he grazed it with his teeth, causing my gasped to turn into a high-pitched shriek.

My back arched high into the air, pushing my breasts harder against his skilled hands and mouth. When I was at the height of feeling, the pleasure coursing through every artery and vein in my body, he suddenly stopped. My body fell back against the bed, and I look at him with an unspoken plea: what the hêll did you stop for?!

He kissed me on my tender lips once more before saying "I said I intend to conquer every inch of you, and so I shall." He made quick work of his belt and pants, tearing both those and his underwear off in the same quick motion. He settled his slender body on mine, and I could feel him hard against me, teasing me. "You teased me, shall I now tease you?" I shook my head vehemently. "Oh? Why not?"

"Because..." Feeling quite brave in that moment, I decided to say something I'd never said aloud before. I pull his head to mind and murmured in his ear "I want you inside of me...Now."

Obeying my wish, he tilted his hips and slammed into me, causing me to cry out. He wiggled his hips around and around, swirling himself around inside of me, and I groaned loudly. "Please..."

"Hm?" I could tell he was still torturing me as he leaned in close again and asked "What was that? I didn't quite hear."

"Please...Please don't torture me any more..."

"As you wish, Aphrodite. Give me your legs." He pulled first one ankle and then the other back up onto his shoulders, and slammed into me again.

I cried out again and again, my voice rising in pitch each time he slammed into me, until it was one long scream that only dogs must've been able to hear. His hands closed around my breasts again and he pinched my nipples hard, and I felt myself begin to quiver around him.

He must've felt it too, because he relaxed his pace, now moving in and out of me purposefully slow. I whimpered, begging wordlessly for release.

Ben thrusted hard, then pulled back out slowly, then hard in again, causing me to go insane with pleasure. He did it again and again and again, and it finally became too much, and I clenched hard around him as my insides fell to pieces and I shouted his name into oblivion.

He finished soon after, his teeth biting into the skin of my calf as he prevented himself from shouting out as I did.

Ben fell onto the bed beside me, both of us panting, a light sheen of sweat on our bodies. I could feel the outlines of his hands on my breasts and hips, and my entire body was pulsating. I was going to be sore in the morning, I knew. But it was oh so worth it.

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